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Greg is a Principal and Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Ironside. He oversees research and development of comprehensive business analytics solutions designed to solve specific industry, functional, and situational challenges. His mission is to drive and nurture innovation culture within Ironside and our clients in the areas of data and analytics, ultimately bringing new data-oriented concepts, products, and enterprise solutions to market rapidly to generate true business value. Bringing a philosophy of empathy with him to every conversation with our clients, Greg always provides the most targeted, relevant advice possible to help them realize their analytics goals. Greg is also well-versed in the many ways of business analytics strategy and execution across a variety of industry, functional, and horizontal areas, and is regarded in the industry at large as an expert in virtually every facet of the discipline. These specialties include strategic planning, organizational design and competency centers, business analysis, data architecture, data mining, data visualization, user experience, and overall value recognition, just to name a few. He has also spoken at numerous client events, partner events, and regional user group meetings, and has served as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s most prestigious organizations.
14 May 2015

Ironside Webinar Series: IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza) in the Cloud vs. DashDB

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  On May 12th, Ironside hosted an IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza) in the Cloud vs. DashDB webinar, during which our industry experts provided their insights into these two powerful information management solutions. Topics covered included: Cost Benefits Performance and Scalability Benefits Assessing Readiness and Navigating Roadblocks Technology Options  - Comparing PureData for Cloud and DashDB Do you [...]

7 Jan 2015

Information for All: Watson Analytics and IBM’s Self-Service Revolution

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You might have missed it if you weren’t closely following the situation or already using the platform, but around the middle of last month IBM forever changed the concept of self-service analytics when they quietly moved Watson Analytics out of beta and into general availability. Watson Analytics is a new cloud-based application that enables an individual to work with their data at a level of ease and intuitiveness that we’ve not seen before. As a sibling of the IBM Watson family, it has inherited a powerful natural language processing capability and as such it enables an individual to query data not with a programming language like SQL, but in the form of a natural language dialogue. […]

5 Nov 2014

Announcing IBM PureData for Analytics / Netezza for Cloud

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Ironside is excited to announce a ground breaking new solution for organizations wanting to leverage their analytics workload-optimized PureData for Analytics / Netezza appliance in conjunction with rest of their virtualized private cloud analytics architecture. Ironside's IBM PureData for Analytics (PDA) for Cloud offering solves all of the major hurdles for connecting your physical big data appliance with [...]

16 May 2014

Introducing the New Ironside

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  Award-winning IBM Partner celebrating 15 years re-launches as comprehensive business-focused analytics solution provider Lexington, MA (May 16, 2014) - The Ironside Group, the award-winning North American business analytics consultancy founded in 1999, today re-launched their organization as simply Ironside. This change is both a reflection of their celebrated 15 year history, as well as [...]

1 Nov 2013

Introducing Ironside Solutions – Industry and Functional Expertise Applied to Solve Your Most Critical Business Problems

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Ironside is proud to announce the launch of its innovation center with a number of exciting new packaged Ironside solutions built on the IBM Business Analytics and Information Management portfolio. These solutions are designed to accelerate and multiply client return on investment and address specific functional and industry business problems. Be sure to contact us or [...]

30 Oct 2013

Ironside Announces Strategic Partnership with IBM’s SoftLayer for Managed Business Analytics in the Cloud

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In our never-ending quest to provide best-in-class managed business analytics to their diverse portfolio of customers, Ironside is pleased to announce we have entered into a new strategic partnership with SoftLayer (An IBM Company). Ironside is one of the world's only managed services providers that exclusively specializes in the hosting and cloud deployment of managed IBM Business [...]

12 Sep 2013

What’s New in Cognos 10.2.1 FP1 and Cognos Insight 10.2.1

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Earlier this week (and without much fanfare) an incremental, but none the less exciting update to Cognos BI was released. Cognos 10.2.1 FP1 (Fixpack 1), also known as Cognos, includes a number of new features that build on the June's impressive release, especially in the area of extensible visualizations or RAVE. Extensible Visualizations Extensible [...]

18 Jun 2013

What’s New in IBM Cognos 10.2.1

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Update 9/9/2013 - Cognos 10.2.1 FP1 has been released - Click to learn more about how this fix pack adds and enhances important functionality of IBM Cognos 10.2.1. On June 11th, IBM announced the release of Cognos 10.2.1, billed as a refresh pack, but loaded to the brim with new features, enhancements and improvements. The [...]

1 Jan 2013

Calculating the Time-Weighted Rate of Return in a Cognos Report

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In the investment management or financial services accounting world, one of the most common calculations you encounter in is the time-weighted rate of return (TWROR). The time-weighted rate of return (sometimes called the geometric mean return) is a method of measuring historical performance of an asset or portfolio when external cash flows are present in [...]

10 Sep 2012

What’s New in IBM Cognos 10.2

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IBM Cognos 10.2 Enterprise was announced today, and with it comes increased usability, performance and a host of new features. Below we'll take a walk through a few of these new features and highlight how they'll impact your bottom line business. Cognos Insight 10.2 Cognos Insight, released in Early 2012, is the Personal Analytics solution [...]

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