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Building Effective IBM Cognos Active Reports: Part 3

Part 1 of Building Effective IBM Cognos Active Reports, described Active Report variables, connections, and how they work together to make dynamic content possible in Cognos 10 Active Reports. Part 2 began a discussion of static controls and how to make larger changes to an Active Report display. This article, Part 3, continues that discussion […]

Making Business Insight Dashboard Components with Report Studio

Dashboarding with Business Insight Business Insight is a new tool in Cognos 10. With it, pieces of existing reports can be combined into interactive dashboards. This allows users with less report authoring experience to create dashboards using components from more complex reports. (Business Insight should not be confused with Business Insight Advanced, a report creation […]

Dynamic Date Dimensions in Cognos 10

Date dimensions are in high demand. Nearly every warehouse and data mart has at least one date dimension. They are extremely useful in Cognos reporting – end users frequently want to analyze data by year, quarter, month, etc. However, there are some things that are difficult to do with a “standard” date dimension. For example, […]