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What Does Self-Service Analytics Actually Look Like?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “Self-Service Analytics” thrown around, but what does self-service analytics actually look like in practice? What does a self-service user look like? And what prep work is needed to enable these people to serve themselves? I spoke with Crystal Meyers, our resident Tableau guru and self-service analytics advocate to learn more. […]

Fixing Requirements: It’s Not What You Build, It’s Why

We’re often asked how “our methodology” helps drive better user adoption. The key to user adoption is satisfying users’ needs, within the context of their environment. This sounds obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to miss the mark. And all too often, projects are doomed from the beginning…with the requirements.


Building a Bridge Between Business and IT

You walk down the long hall, and tentatively knock on the side of a cubicle, just loud enough to be heard over the din of keyboard clicking. The occupant of the chair slowly spins around. “Yes?” “So, um, I was wondering about that report I requested…” “Yes I remember” comes a flat reply. “We’re still […]