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Ironside Tech Tip: Managing Performance Metrics in IBM Cognos 10

As Business Intelligence (BI) systems become more and more embedded into the critical, analytics-based DNA of corporate decision-making, it is more important than ever to keep the system up and running at the highest level of efficiency. This article discusses methods for providing real-time monitoring and historical trending information for your system in the form […]

Dynamic Query Mode for Relational Databases

In September, IBM introduced Cognos version 10.1.1, the latest update to Cognos 10. Among the significant enhancements in the software is the ability to Dynamic Query Mode with relational databases. Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) is an intelligent data caching mechanism which can dramatically improve the performance of OLAP style queries. With the prior version, DQM […]

What’s new in IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager

While Framework Manager didn’t receive the dramatic changes in IBM Cognos 10 that some other areas did, there are still some interesting and useful new features, which might have slipped under the radar with the new release. The main new features are: The ability to create “Durable Models” Model Design Accelerator Dynamic […]


Best Practices in Cognos 8 Framework Manager Model Design: Part 2 – Advanced Modeling Issues

Last month’s article described the overall approach for best practice model design using the 4 layer architecture. In this month’s article, I’ll describe some advanced issues which arise during model design, and how best to deal with them. Given the limitless and complex situations that can come up during modeling, these techniques may or may […]

Presenting in Calendar Format

The Problem Over the past several years, we have had a number of customers inquire about a method to deliver real-time  scheduling information in a common calendar format.  Typically this requires the ability to schedule events around or related to other events, update dates in a separate application, and view the resulting calendar information immediately. […]

About Success and Failure: Continued

Almost every day I hear of cases where Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives in companies are achieving tremendous results (3,623% ROI in 1 case) or are dismal failures and are wasting money.  In my experience, there are two very key elements which are present in every successful BI project, and without them the initiatives are almost […]