Financial Performance Management

30 Mar 2018

6 Key Principles of a Modern FP&A Function

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March 2018 By Rob Minogue   A “modern” approach to Financial Planning and Analysis has become a requirement for a successful corporate finance function. Gone are the days where finance teams were viewed solely as a report publisher that conducted reactive variance analyses. Instead, modern finance teams are able to create an agile, efficient, technology-enabled, [...]

13 Feb 2018

I’m From the Future, and Your Financial Forecast is Wrong

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February 2018 By Andrew Hombach   When done well, a good financial forecast allows the business to make the right investments at the right time and allows finance to set more accurate expectations with investors. Unfortunately, many financial forecasts do not consider enough variables, consider the market perspective, or have a flexible yet robust process. [...]

22 Jan 2018

With New Tax Laws, Do Your FP&A Modeling Capabilities Set You Up for Success?

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January 2018 By Nick Fotos   The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will undoubtedly have broad implications across the corporate landscape as updates to the tax code will necessitate major changes to certain financial management decisions. Finance needs a solid FP&A modeling foundation in order to lead tax-related decision making within their organizations. [...]

16 Sep 2016

Ironside Uncovers TM1 SSL Certificate Expiration Issue

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Ironside recently reported a new issue to IBM that is now confirmed as having an impact on all TM1 sites regardless of version. The Ironside Managed Services team uncovered the issue while troubleshooting a client's environment. "In our efforts to secure an environment for one of our larger insurance clients, it was noticed that the [...]

3 May 2016

Ironside Webinar Series: Rolling Forecast Essentials

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On April 26th, Ironside hosted a webinar on Rolling Forecast Essentials. Members of our Financial Performance Management team, Mark Flyamer, Senior Consultant and Rich Canale, Solution Architect, discussed the foundation needed to start implementing rolling forecasts work at your organization. Rich and Mark discussed design techniques to help you expedite rolling forecast models and minimize the hours needed to get a working solution all while preserving the accuracy and integrity of your financial data. […]

28 Mar 2016

Rolling Forecast Automation: Financial Analytics Maximized

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Financial analytics and performance monitoring are vital components in an organization’s success. The ability to review and quickly react to industry and market changes is a critical competitive advantage that requires agile analytics to get right. The rolling forecast is a continuous planning process that provides your organization with just such an analytical vehicle.  Extending beyond [...]

25 Mar 2016

Rolling Forecasting Starter Kit: 3 Essential Facts

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Many organizations have adopted monthly or quarterly rolling forecasting as a primary tool for understanding their operational and financial performance. The rolling forecast is a process that includes the continuous evaluation of past results with future expectations across a set number of time periods to analyze trends and help the organization understand its current position. [...]

3 Feb 2015

Alternate Hierarchies vs. Ragged Hierarchies

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To a TM1 developer, alternate hierarchies are sometimes synonymous with ragged hierarchies. When designing cubes for Cognos BI, it’s important to remember that they are structurally different concepts. How you model them in TM1 will affect your Cognos BI reports. Continuing where we left off last month, we will discuss some best practices for handling [...]

5 Jan 2015

Building Best Practice TM1 Cubes for Cognos BI Reporting

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TM1 cubes have now become the OLAP solution of choice for many Cognos BI environments. Because of this emerging trend, there are some techniques and tips that TM1 developers should be familiar with when building a cube for Cognos BI reports. Initially, the Cognos BI platform was built around Transformer OLAP cubes. Transformer cubes are [...]

3 Nov 2014

Ironside Webinar Series: Robust Workforce Planning Enablement with IBM Cognos TM1

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On October 21st, Ironside hosted Robust Workforce Planning Enablement with IBM Cognos TM1 Webinar, where Ironside's TM1  experts discussed the challenges and options for cube design and conducted a live demonstration of Ironside’s TM1 workforce planning solution. Ironside’s planning solutions offer greater capabilities and flexibility than packaged cloud solutions or when compared against other enterprise [...]

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