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25 Jan 2018

Ironside Tech Tip: Unique 403 Error in Cognos Analytics Via IIS

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January 2018 By Adam McKenna   When dealing with a Cognos environment there are a lot of moving parts, especially in a multi-server environment. For instance, there is the Application server, the Dispatcher, the Gateway, the Database server, and so on. This isn't even including the general IT infrastructure components like the network, VPN and [...]

17 May 2016

Ironside Tech Tip: Show Cube Sizes in BI Reports

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Cubes (including Cognos PowerCubes and Dynamic Cubes, as well as other file-based cube technologies) are well-known, commonly used, and valuable data sources in reporting.  As specially indexed binary files, report performance with cubes is generally robust, however when cube files grow very large (or there is high simultaneous demand reading from the cube), response time can [...]

14 Jul 2015

Ironside Tech Tip: How to Auto Refresh a Report Page

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When reports are run in IBM Cognos BI, a query is made to a data source and any relevant results get returned.  But what if in the moments after executing the report, the data changes and is updated?  Is there a way to auto refresh a report instead of users having to manually re-run it?  Fortunately, the answer is yes.  Here’s how. […]

12 May 2015

Ironside Tech Tip: Where to Apply Filter Strategies – In the Database, in the Package, or in the Report?

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Guarding the security of and defining access to data is often a necessary business requirement. Not all users can or should have access to a total data set, so filter strategies need to be applied to restrict what appears to different users running reports. As Cognos developers, the first question we should ask when faced [...]

4 May 2015

Ironside Tech Tip: Which Logic Statement is Better to Use – Case or If?

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The Preferred Syntax to use in Cognos and Why Cognos is not a programming language, but it does allow programmable syntax such as a case or an if logic statement.  The question is, which is the preferred syntax to use and why? Generally speaking, the answer is that it does not matter.  The best one to choose should be based on [...]

15 Dec 2014

Ironside Tech Tip: Dynamically Selecting Filters Utilizing Before or After Aggregation via a Prompt

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 Synopsis: Enable a user via a prompt to pre-select if a value will be filtered before or after aggregation. Overview: Normally, the report author hard codes filters placed on facts in the Properties pane as before or after aggregation. While this is adequate in most report scenarios, hard coding can be limiting if the executing [...]

1 Dec 2014

Ironside Tech Tip: Using the Page Structure View to Build/Edit Advanced Reports

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Difficulty: Easy Required Ingredients: Report Studio report Scenario: You have a highly formatted report in Report Studio and you need a better understanding of how the report is structured. Some of the items in the report maybe hidden and you can’t easily see how things are nested. Luckily, Page Structure view can help with that. […]

17 Oct 2014

Ironside Tech Tip: Password Protected Report Pages

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 Synopsis This article covers how to allow access to a report with a password challenge prompt, creating a password protected report. Overview Security in Cognos is extremely robust, letting you permit or deny access to data elements on a package, data source, or even row level in a Database. Normally, standard group permissions conveniently control [...]

9 Oct 2014

Ironside Tech Tip: Conditional Blocks – Applications and Usages

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Synopsis How to create, implement and use conditional blocks in Cognos reports. Overview Conditional blocks show different display results based on user interaction or parameters read in when a report is run. They provide a creative method for presenting either the same report data in various formats or executing several completely different reports from one [...]

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