1 Jul 2016

Ironside Webinar Series: Discover a Smart, Simple Way to Aggregate and Visualize P&C Risk

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On June 23rd, Ironside hosted a webinar with Pitney Bowes on how to gain valuable insight when you seamlessly integrate Location Intelligence and business analytics.   Crystal Meyers, BI Engagement Manager with Ironside and Heidi Geronimo, Principal Product Manager for LI with Pitney Bowes presented on how Location Intelligence, regardless of size, is a strategic priority for insurers, especially in the Property & Casualty area. Insurers need precise efficient ways to aggregate, visualize, and assess P&C risk.  We will review what can be done to diminish these risks and show a live demo of a risk aggregation solution which was designed specifically for P&C Insurers. […]

3 May 2016

Ironside Webinar Series: Rolling Forecast Essentials

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On April 26th, Ironside hosted a webinar on Rolling Forecast Essentials. Members of our Financial Performance Management team, Mark Flyamer, Senior Consultant and Rich Canale, Solution Architect, discussed the foundation needed to start implementing rolling forecasts work at your organization. Rich and Mark discussed design techniques to help you expedite rolling forecast models and minimize the hours needed to get a working solution all while preserving the accuracy and integrity of your financial data. […]

18 Apr 2016

Ironside Webinar Series: IT-Driven vs. User-Driven Analytics: How to Coexist

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On April 7th, Ironside hosted a webinar on IT-Driven vs. User-Driven Analytics: How to Coexist. Rob Minogue, Director of Advisory Services and Scott Misage, Business Analytics Practice Lead, presented on how to bridge the gap between IT-Driven analytics and User-Driven analytics and innovative approaches to monitoring and governance. […]

22 Feb 2016

Ironside Webinar Series: Association Rules for Data Mining: Beyond Market Basket Analysis

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On February 11th, Ironside hosted a webinar on Association Rules for Data Mining: Beyond Market Basket Analysis. Pamela Askar, Data Scientist at Ironside, presented on how to conduct association rules for data mining using SPSS Modeler. […]

26 Jan 2016

Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A: Insider Insights

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We heard a lot of great questions during the Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A we held after our live presentation. The discussion was so productive we thought we'd roll out a transcript as an article so all of you can easily get the Cognos Analytics answers you're searching for. Are there any enhancements to charts or [...]

19 Jan 2016

Ironside Webinar Series: Top 3 User Enhancements in Cognos Analytics

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On January 19th, Ironside hosted a webinar on exploring the Top 3 User Enhancements in Cognos Analytics. Scott Misage, Ironside Engagement Manager and Bob O'Donnell, IBM Senior Technical Solutions Architect, delivered an overview and a Cognos Analytics demo. IBM Cognos Analytics offers guided, self-service capabilities designed to solve problems and seize new opportunities quickly. The agile, intuitive [...]

6 Oct 2015

Ironside Webinar Series: Putting Data on the Map with Location Intelligence

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On October 1st, Ironside hosted a webinar on Putting Data on the Map with Location Intelligence. You will get all the key facts on location intelligence and hear a Q&A panel of Ironside developers, Ironside data scientists, and location intelligence specialists from our partner Pitney Bowes. Topics covered include: Defining what location intelligence is and why you need [...]

30 Sep 2015

Ironside Webinar Series: Exploring Data Warehouse Strategies

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On September 24th, Ironside hosted a webinar on Exploring Data Warehouse Strategies.   You will hear from our experts on different data warehouse strategies for traditional and emerging solutions.  Whether traditional, hybrid, or cloud-based, this webinar will give you insight on finding the best data warehouse option for your business. Topics covered included: Data Moving into the [...]

10 Jun 2015

Ironside Webinar Series: Learn Techniques for Increasing Your Fundraising Efforts

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On June 3rd, Ironside hosted a webinar on Donor Optimization Techniques with IBM Business Analytics.  Industry experts from IBM, along with special guest Monique Dozier, the Assistant Vice President of Advancement Information Systems & Donor Strategy at Michigan State University, demonstrated techniques for successfully increasing and accurately targeting fundraising efforts. Topics covered included: How MSU is using [...]

4 Jun 2015

Ironside Webinar Series: High Impact Incentive Compensation Reporting and Dashboarding

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On June 23rd Ironside hosted a High Impact Incentive Compensation Reporting and Dashboarding webinar, where we reimagined what can be done with incentive compensation reports using our expertise in and success with transforming business through an enhanced user experience. If you are a consumer or creator of reports for any level of the sales organization and beyond, [...]

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