Ironside Analytics Collaborative 2018


AC2018 is over. See the highlights below and be sure to join us in Fall 2019.

Thank You & Join Us Again

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2nd annual Ironside Analytics Collaborative in Boston on November 1 & 2, 2018.

In 2017, our conversations increased our awareness of the maturation of technical debt and exposed how new analytic tools are changing the competitive landscape. We were left with a call-to-action to create analytics business use cases to innovate and be competitive in the marketplace.

This year, we explored how businesses are bringing together data, people and process to maximize their investments. Attendees heard how their peers are gaining alignment, creating & interpreting insights and embracing a culture of data-driven decision making. And we had the opportunity to connect with fellow data & analytics professionals to share our experiences, our challenges and our analytics journey.

A special thank you to everyone who shared and provided valuable take-aways:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Presented by Mike Kennealy, Assistant Secretary for Business Growth for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

10 Years of Agile – Lessons Learned
Presented by Stephen Chandler, Big Data Manager at Enel X

How Not to Crash and Burn with Machine Learning
Presented by Greg Bonnette, VP of Strategy & Innovation at Ironside

Design, Data and Behavior Change
Presented by C. Todd Lombardo, VP of Product & UX at Vempathy

Advanced Analytics Journey at Cartus
Presented by Neil Bussell, Director of Business Intelligence & Data Management at Cartus

Adapt & Ignite!
Presented by Dr. Gary Bradt

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In Case You Missed It… Highlights from 2018

Attend, Participate & Learn

“(I learned that) many people are having the same tough time moving Data Science main stream.”

“I enjoyed Gary’s change leadership presentation and the usable takeaways.”

“(I learned) how to adapt my perspective to better deal with challenges and change.”

“This is a great annual event and I’m looking forward to 2019!”

About Ironside

Ironside was founded in 1999 as an enterprise data and analytics solution provider and system integrator. Our clients hire us to acquire, enrich and measure their data so they can make smarter, better decisions about their business. No matter your industry or specific business challenges, Ironside has the experience, perspective and agility to help transform your analytic environment.

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