Enterprise Data World Conference 2019

Be Data-Driven

On March 21 2019, Mark Lorence, Data & Analytics Advisory Practice Director at Ironside, presented a session on data monetization at Enterprise Data World in Boston.

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Don’t Let Your Data Monetization Effort Cost You an Arm and a Leg

You’ve identified a great product idea based on your organization’s data, developed a business plan, and prototyped the concept. Now it’s time to develop that product and operationalize that plan. But will your current infrastructure, tools, and processes support this new venture? Are you equipped for the changes in data security and data privacy regulations? How about the volumes of new data needed to create this new product? Can you ensure your leadership team that the only headlines you’ll be generating are positive ones?

Join Ironside for a discussion of the technical changes needed to support data monetization efforts and learn about new storage, processing, and access methods we’ve implemented for our clients to support their new business models. Whether you’re a Product Owner, Data Architect, or Analyst, you will benefit from hearing our success stories and leave with an actionable checklist to ensure your monetization project won’t leave you feeling penny wise and pound foolish.

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mark lorenceMark Lorence, Practice Director, Data & Analytics Advisory

Mark is an executive-level management consultant with extensive experience in both strategy and systems integration consulting. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries in both the private and public sectors. His experience in large-scale software development has enabled him to develop pragmatic solutions that ensure user adoptions and significant business value realization. He enjoys working on complex business problems with his consulting team and collaborating with his clients as they navigate their analytics journey.

About Ironside

Ironside was founded in 1999 as an enterprise data and analytics solution provider and system integrator. Our clients hire us to acquire, enrich and measure their data so they can make smarter, better decisions about their business. No matter your industry or specific business challenges, Ironside has the experience, perspective and agility to help transform your analytic environment.

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