IT as a Professional Service

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How do IT Professionals…

  • Create flexible, scalable systems and infrastructures that help drive change, deliver new business insights, and build sustainability?

  • Shift from managing data to leveraging big data and harnessing actionable insights?

  • Drive substantial business value by integrating multiple and varied sources of internal and external data?

  • Increase the speed of delivering actionable insights to the business to help them make smarter decisions resulting in improved efficiency, asset utilization, cost reduction or growth?

Our consultants face these same challenges everyday while working with our clients. So they decided to write articles, record webinars and create eBooks to answer these commonly asked questions and more.

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Ironside has developed dozens of industry blue prints, accelerators and turn-key analytic applications that integrate with the technologies you already have. 

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Did you recently invest in a new business analytic tool or need a refresher course? Ironside offers Training & Education for business analytics programs. 

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