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17 Oct 2011

Making Business Insight Dashboard Components with Report Studio

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Dashboarding with Business Insight Business Insight is a new tool in Cognos 10. With it, pieces of existing reports can be combined into interactive dashboards. This allows users with less report authoring experience to create dashboards using components from more complex reports. (Business Insight should not be confused with Business Insight Advanced, a report creation tool alongside Report Studio or Query Studio that was also introduced in Cognos 10). While Business Insight can use nearly any report item (chart, list, crosstab, etc.), there are some techniques and best practices which can make these items more “Business Insight friendly”. […]

29 Aug 2011

IBM Cognos 10 Upgrade Planning

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Since IBM Cognos 10 was released last winter, upgrading has become a very hot topic among the Cognos user community. Why upgrade? There are many reasons: new features and functionalities, easier to use, better performance and more. Cognos 10 will not only serve your business better but also deliver a revolutionary new experience as well as expand traditional business intelligence with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics in one place. Here are some eye-catching new features: […]

17 Jan 2011

IBM Cognos 10- Business Insight Explained

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As we mentioned in last month’s newsletter we will be featuring articles regarding IBM Cognos 10 for the next several months in order to bring our subscribers up to speed on the newest IBM Cognos offering. In prior months we had discussed our initial reaction to IBM Cognos 10, Active Reports and this month we will be reviewing the all new Business Insight interface. This new interface is geared towards the business user, providing them with a suite of powerful tools to access, analyze, and format BI content with minimal training. Let’s go ahead and get started with how best to make use of this new tool. […]

8 Nov 2010

IBM Cognos 10: Initial Thoughts and Reactions

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Cognos 10 was released on October 25th, with much fanfare (and fireworks – quite literally) at IBM’s Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas. I’ve been exploring the interface and feature set within my own test environment the past few days and here are a few early conclusions, including what I would consider to be the top three high-impact features of this release. […]

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