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The Ironside Group is excited to publicly offer both our Fundamentals and Advanced Report Studio Training courses in back-to-back fashion for the first time. As with all of our course offerings, this curricula is lead by our veteran consultants who have decades of in-depth applied technical experience with IBM Cognos software. Take advantage of this special combined offering and become a Report Studio guru in a weeks time.

Course: IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio Fundamentals (View Description)
When: December 6-8, 2010

Course: IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio Advanced (View Description)
When: December 9-10, 2010

Where: Ironside Group, Lexington, MA (Boston)
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In the past we’ve discussed the benefits of changing the default skins within your organizations different IBM Cognos environments, and we’ve also tackled the use of Layout Component References to help centralize and simplify repetitive report design tasks which can be otherwise time consuming. Now we will combine these concepts along with some new techniques in order to implement a single standardized report template for your entire environment, ensuring that your distributed reporting has a uniform and professional look and feel. Read more

We are excited to announce our first course in a series of IBM Cognos public training offerings. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the same high-caliber training curricula as our on-site courses, led by our very own veteran consultants, at a fraction of the standard price.Class sizes for these public courses will be kept small to ensure the most valuable experience for all attendees, and thus space is limited.

Course: IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio Fundamentals (View Description)
When: July 12-14, 2010
Where: IBM Innovation Center (Newport Room), Waltham, MA (Boston)
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There is a growing need to provide more dynamic and interactive reporting for technically savvy consumers that have elevated expectations for how their data should be presented to them. With the arrival of IBM Cognos 8.4 comes Cognos Mashup Services, an API that empowers us to build modern looking and feeling web applications using IBM Cognos Reports as a data source. But what do you do if you want to deliver that sort of functionality within Cognos Viewer? The following presentation describes how you can leverage the powerful open-source JavaScript library jQuery to add dynamic user interface elements to your reports or provide functionality previously unavailable. Demonstrations include dynamically filtered and sortable list reports as well as drill-down enabled Tree Map data visualizations.

Download the presentation for Creating Dynamic IBM Cognos Reports with jQuery

The Problem

Over the past several years, we have had a number of customers inquire about a method to deliver real-time  scheduling information in a common calendar format.  Typically this requires the ability to schedule events around or related to other events, update dates in a separate application, and view the resulting calendar information immediately. The need for real-time information eliminates any possibility for caching or warehousing data which might be utilized to stage and provide performance improvements. Fortunately the amount of event data displayed on the calendar is often fairly small, and we can provide drill-down for specific events on the calendar, to more detailed information on lower-level reports. Additionally, other specific filters can be utilized to narrow the types of events to display within the calendar. This article describes one particular case of calendar reporting. Read more

As many of you know, TM1 has become a major component of the IBM Cognos BI application offerings. As a corporate OLAP solution, there are a number of advantages to utilizing TM1 versus PowerPlay; from faster response times in larger cubes to the capability to handle vast volumes of data. The expectation of course is that the application will work within the IBM Cognos BI infrastructure, specifically within the user facing studios that make Cognos a best of breed solution. While this is true in most aspects, there are a couple of “work arounds” that must be implemented in order to optimize the user experience with TM1 as an MDX based data source.

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Page Breaking is a useful feature to offer report consumers. However, it’s often difficult to do this if the item you want to break on is dynamic. Here we show you how to do this with cascading, optional prompts while page breaking on the lowest level chosen.

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