Dashboarding and Data Prep in Cognos Analytics


IBM Cognos Analytics has fully embraced modern analytics needs, providing a variety of visual display and data manipulation options that make data outputs intuitive to consume and act on. This course explores those assets, detailing the data module, data visualization, dashboarding, and storytelling features that let you quickly communicate key insights. You’ll learn how with the right design strategies, you can create meaningful and appealing assets at the speed of business.


Course Outline

Ironside’s one-day Dashboarding and Data Prep in Cognos Analytics course gives business stakeholders and seasoned Cognos BI report authors alike a clear picture of Cognos Analytics’ visual capabilities. We’ll discover how you can both create new and combine existing visualizations and data sets to provide targeted answers to diverse business questions. You’ll get hands-on experience with these tools and develop the skills you need to use them efficiently.

Course Goals

Navigate and use the Cognos Analytics web interface.

Build data modules.

Design usable visualizations.

Create highly interactive dashboards

Build presentable stories.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and Office is mandatory.

Table of Topics

  • Data Module Creation and Management
  • Understanding Visualization Options
  • Creating Advanced Charts & Complex Visualizations
  • Designing Reports & Dashboards
  • Organizing Reports & Dashboards
  • Creating Stories