Tableau Fundamentals and Advanced

This three-day course is a comprehensive exploration of data discovery in Tableau. It will show you all the key features and approaches you need to know to quickly and efficiently connect to data sources and build stunning, usable visualizations and dashboards using the Tableau interface.

Tableau provides huge advantages to business leaders and analysts who want to rapidly gain access to actionable insights at the speed of their business. Its visual richness and adaptability make it an ideal solution for ad hoc, on-the-fly analysis.

Our course will prepare you with all the skills you need to be successful with Tableau from day one. Join us and see the value this solution can bring to your organization.


Course Overview

Demand for people who can analyze business data and provide meaningful and actionable insights is always very high.  Tableau is one of the fastest growing market leaders in the BI sector, known for its rich visualizations and flexible, fast data discovery solutions.

Knowing Tableau will improve your ability to rapidly answer business questions and provide valuable insight to management.  This will make you more valuable to your company and more able to help your company achieve their strategic objectives.

Ironside’s three-day Tableau Fundamentals and Advanced course will evolve you from a Tableau novice to a fairly advanced dashboarding, interactivity, and visual design/analysis practitioner.

Course Goals

Get familiar with Tableau’s interface and get connected to data sources.

Become skilled in visualization development from multiple data sources.

Add sophistication to your data presentations with calculations, interactivity, and publishing/sharing options.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and the Office suite is mandatory.

A basic understanding of data visualization concepts is helpful.

High-level Curriculum

  • Connect to data sources and bring them together
  • Quickly create a variety of charts
  • Format for rapid insight
  • Create calculations and use Quick Table Calculations
  • Add interactivity to dashboards and visualizations
  • Recognize the best places to use specific charts
  • Tell a story with your data
  • Publish and share the insights you gain