IBM Cognos ICM: Building the Model

Course Overview

A strong incentive compensation management (ICM) strategy can make a huge difference in the amount of overhead required to accurately distribute variable compensation to the sales professionals at your organization. Products like IBM Cognos ICM set up comprehensive models that will automate the vast majority of the comp tracking and disbursement activities in your environment, freeing you to start analyzing your sales performance more effectively.

Ironside’s 4-day IBM Cognos ICM: Building the Model course teaches you the foundation of Cognos ICM. You will learn how to create, customize, and maintain an ICM model by designing tables, calculations, components, and data stores. With this background established, you will then start applying these techniques in a real-world context through a full case study project.


This course is intended for compensation administrators and those involved in setting up the compensation models being used at their organization. Experience using the Windows operating system and Microsoft Excel is required to take the course.

Course Goals

  • Explore Cognos ICM, the sample files used for the course, and the basic table design concepts used to construct compensation models.

  • Become comfortable with creating and populating tables, making design decisions, and building out calculations.

  • Learn the real-world applications of the concepts you touch on in the course through practical use case workshops.

High-Level Curriculum

  • Introduce Cognos ICM, its core functionality, the sample data, and the basics of table design.

  • Create tables in Cognos ICM.

  • Populate and maintain the tables you create.

  • Design calculations, understand the design restrictions around them, and build multi-source calculations.

  • Analyze requirements and deconstruct them into modeling steps/components.

  • Implement time-shift calculations

  • Manage and implement unions, components, and data stores.

  • Publish data from views.

  • Apply modeling techniques in a real-world case study.

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