IBM Cognos ICM: Use the Admin Client

Course Overview

Compensation administrators need to be adept at constantly fine-tuning the variable compensation environments they oversee. This requires a deep comfort with and knowledge of the platform they choose to help automate their incentive compensation management (ICM) activities. When managed successfully, these platforms can deliver massive time and cost savings to the organizations using them.

Ironside’s half-day IBM Cognos ICM: Use the Admin Client course helps compensation administrators ensure success through a clear understanding of the daily and monthly administration tasks they perform. During the course, you’lll learn the navigation, process creation, and workflow management skills they will need to maintain a comp environment based on IBM Cognos ICM. With these lessons completed, you’ll have the administration foundation necessary for conducting all the import, scheduling, and reporting tasks necessary for meeting your organization’s goals.


This course is intended for compensation managers and those involved in maintaining the compensation systems set up at their company. It is recommended that you have some existing knowledge of incentive compensation environments and experience with technology maintenance. A firm understanding of the Windows operating system is mandatory.

Course Goals

  • Introduce the Cognos ICM UI and grow comfort with navigating the different areas of the platform.

  • Understand process lists, scheduling, and workflows.

  • Manage alerts, work with different data tables, and publish reports/results.

  • Troubleshoot your ICM system and address any issues that occur.

High-Level Curriculum

  • Navigate through the admin client and recognize the purpose of each module, as well as how to move between them.

  • Create and maintain process lists.

  • Learn scheduling tasks, such as differentiating processes and subprocesses, running processes manually, and verifying successful imports.

  • Use the Workflow Manager to access different workflows, activate workflows, and discover information about different workflows.

  • Gain experience with tailored reports and alerts, including how to run tailored reports and how to view/access details about an alert.

  • Work with tables and data through viewing their history and filtering, viewing, inputting, modifying, and deleting information.

  • Publish data through setting up exports to Excel and PDF formats.

  • Troubleshoot Cognos ICM by resolving inquiry issues, handling data issues, and fixing access and period locking problems.

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