Public Training

When diving into the complexities…

of data and analytics technology, having a live instructor dedicated to your success working with you directly can make all the difference in the world. And by enrolling in one of our Guaranteed to Run courses your are assured that your event will run. This allows you to schedule your training without worrying about class cancellations or location changes.

“Our organization sent six individuals to train onsite.  Starting from the first hour of training we recognized the high quality level of training that we were about to embark upon.  Our instructor was intelligent with expert knowledge of the material he taught.  He had the ability to effectively communicate his knowledge, and be very forthcoming in answering even our most basic of questions, as well as providing 1:1 assistance as needed to ensure we all understood the material as we moved through the lesson plan.  It was an A+ training session.”

Yvonne Claudio, DM, MS
Senior Administrator/CQI Coordinator
Ambulatory Health Services–Division of Clinical Services
Philadelphia Department of Public Health

In a variety of locations

Ironside Education Services offers public education courses in a variety of convenient locations. Using our best-of-breed curricula and their many years of experience across a variety of industries, our instructors will create an empowering, practical learning environment that will provide the skills needed to be effective with the technologies explored the minute students return to their organization.

“I know that when you see all “10’s” – it might seem as though someone is just clicking radio buttons – but honestly, this was one of the most applicable and well-taught courses that I’ve taken in quite sometime. The “10’s” are all justified.”

Jim Donovan, Vice President

Director of Procurement at AMEWAS, Inc.


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