How To Solve for the Top 3 FP&A Challenges in Higher Education

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Higher Education institutions and their leaders are experiencing unprecedented pressure to do more with less, which means budgeting and planning processes are under review. The budgeting and planning process can be a particularly painful area for Higher Education when it comes to decentralized decision making, multi-dimensional planning & reporting, and personnel planning across many departments, colleges, and programs.

We will explore solutions in Adaptive Insights to these 3 FP&A challenges in Higher Ed:

  1. Decentralized Decision Making: Empower unit leaders to collaborate to grow revenue and control costs
  2. Multi-Dimensional Planning & Reporting: Plan across multiple dimensions such as fund, organization, account, program and seamlessly generate different report views and board packages
  3. Personnel Planning: Manage your biggest expense – Personnel. With more confidence and control, reallocate vacant position budgets and allocate personnel expenses across departments, programs and more.
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Are You Facing These Challenges?

With a modern CPM solution and the right budgeting processes, any institution can tackle the challenges being faced.

Now is the time to transform and begin to more effectively manage operational and administrative costs and be better equipped to manage the tides of change.

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