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Modern business intelligence has become a tug of war for many organizations. Business leaders need answers fast, and IT teams need to keep that information accurate. When relying only on traditional BI platforms, these priorities quickly become opposed to one another as IT change orders stack up and business data lags further and further behind what’s currently happening. The good news, though, is that we don’t have to do it that way anymore.

IT-Driven Analytics vs User-Driven Analytics

Ironside specializes in planning and building bimodal BI ecosystems that connect all analytics efforts by providing for both new insights at the speed of business and governed, consistent results over time. We build platforms that let your different teams and stakeholders coexist, unlocking new discoveries daily and formalizing them as you go into rock solid long-term reporting assets.


Ironside’s business intelligence approach is all about balance. We uncover BI solutions that address your organization’s underlying questions and needs in ways that promote both governance and flexibility. Our expert advisors don’t just promote governed metadata or ungoverned data discovery. Instead, they craft bimodal analytics solutions that build collaborative cultures of analytics for our clients, unifying user-driven and IT-driven priorities in support of greater strategic goals.

Throughout our 17 years working in BI, we’ve found the single most important ingredient required for a successful project is conversation. Let’s start finding the answers that will make the biggest difference for your business.

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The consultants from Ironside really did a great job of translating our requirements into a solution that is simple, elegant, and easy to use. And best of all, we had the first deliverables ready for our clients within just two months.

Jim Higgins, CEO @ BAO Inc.

We’ve seen measurable impact in all three of the goals we set. Data questions that were asked of my team on a daily basis have now dropped to one or two questions a week. Reporting has dropped from a daily average run time of thousands of seconds to a daily average run time for all reports of about 200 seconds.

Brian Johnson, Enterprise BI Lead @ Watts Water Technologies



One of the primary ways we help organizations kickstart usability in their BI environments is through deploying the IronSense solution. It provides a framework, a targeted dashboard accelerator you can easily apply to change how you see your key metrics. IronSense gives you several core assets that let you stand up intuitive report designs quickly:

  • Dashboard layout templates
  • Template standards
  • Custom data visualization palettes
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The first step is a conversation. Let’s explore what your company needs and then we will make a plan on how to move forward.

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Scott Misage Portrait

Scott Misage

Director, Business Intelligence

As a 17-year business intelligence veteran and seasoned Ironside consultant, I’ve been on the frontlines as the approaches, priorities, and cultures around analytics have shifted and evolved. As the director of Ironside’s Business Intelligence practice, it’s my job to make sure that we anticipate these changes and lead the charge into new territory. My background working with both traditional and modern BI implementations gives me the perspective I need to help my team craft truly bimodal analytics environments that are balanced and well-governed.

The Ironside Business Intelligence team’s main priority when we engage with you is understanding your organization from your perspective and relating that knowledge to the proven practices we’ve seen success with in the field. All the answers we find for you will be tailored to fit your needs specifically while staying true to a solid foundation of repeatable approaches. I take a personal interest in all these details, and I’ll collaborate directly with you and my team to make your BI processes and infrastructure fuel your key strategic goals with reliable, accurate data.