Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Cut through the noise and find the indicators that predict the outcomes that matter to your business.

“The Advanced Analytics team transforms big data into actionable solutions for your business. Our expertise in statistics and econometrics allows us to support your efforts to understand your data, predict future events and consumer choices, and prescribe actions to be taken.”

Pam Askar, Ironside Data Scientist

Ironside is a proven leader and advocate in this exciting and constantly evolving area. Our team of data scientists can leverage the intricate statistical algorithms that power predictive models to bring you engaging, understandable results that tell you both what will happen in your industry and what concrete actions you can take to influence those outcomes and establish favorable trends.

Functional Applications

  • Customer Analytics (Churn, Recommendation, Cross/Up Sell, Segmentation, Opportunity Identification, Social Media and Content Analytics)
  • Operational Analytics (Demand Planning, Predictive and Econometric Forecasting, Predictive Maintenance and Quality)
  • Threat and Fraud Analytics (Fraud Detection, Pattern Recognition, Law Enforcement and Defense, Cyberdefense, Log Event Prediction)

2015 Gartner BI Summit North America


Customer Success

“One of the big things about this technology and using predictive analytics that I like is it takes us from being reactive to proactive. As police officer I was getting kind of run down in patrol and just constantly responding to crimes and being reactive and starting to feel like, ‘Was I really making a difference?’ With the predictive hot spots, I can now go somewhere where crime is most likely to happen and really feel like I’m making that difference and being a proactive officer, and that is a good feeling. At the end of the day, you feel like you did something good and worthwhile.”

Officer Matthew D. Barter, Crime Analysis Unit / S.W.A.T. Manchester, NH Police Department
Read Ironside Case Study: Manchester PD’s Predictive Policing Success

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