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Align your business strategy with technology to set you up for lasting success.

We all want to use our data to make more informed business decisions. The tricky part is figuring out how to get there. As much as we’d like it to be true, just picking an analytics tool isn’t enough. We need to start with a strategy, goals, and use cases before we even talk technology.

The Analytics Advisory team helps our clients understand how the tasks their users perform each day and the central goals defining their organization translate into analytic capabilities.


Our analytics advisors work with business leaders to assess data and analytics maturity, uncover key use cases, and turn company goals into tangible, actionable data and analytics roadmaps.

We seek above all to tailor our solutions to each client’s specific pain points, industry requirements, and user needs. Our strategies work because they start from this foundation instead of working backwards from a tool or technical specifications.

Our roadmaps, assessments, and planning artifacts emphasize practicality, using iterative, phased approaches to enable constant forward progress based on proven, specific criteria.

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The Six Pillars of Analytics Maturity

When starting an Analytics Advisory engagement, we ask our clients to assess their analytics maturity. This process helps organizations understand where they stand across six key areas to map their path forward:

An intentional, organization-wide plan for using corporate data to drive business performance.

Effective consumption of enterprise and ad hoc information with tools that are capability-aligned to analytic use cases.

analytics advisory data pillar

Ability to capture, transform and enrich data assets, including documentation and maintenance of standardized definitions of master data, rules, entities and references.

Ensuring ongoing relevance, flexibility and accuracy of data, and developing application and analytic solutions that fit the company’s unique needs, culture and use cases.

analytics advisory skills pillar

Organization’s collective expertise to support the full lifecycle of data and analytics delivery.

analytics advisory architecture pillar

Alignment of systems and infrastructure to support business applications in a secure, scalable and flexible manner.

How Mature is Your Data & Analytics Environment?

See how your organization scores in terms of its data & analytics maturity.  Go one step further and benchmark your environment against others in your industry.




The first step is a conversation. Let’s explore what your company needs and then we will make a plan on how to move forward.

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Rob Minogue

Rob Minogue

Director, Advisory

One stumbling block I’ve consistently seen businesses run into over my almost 20 years working in analytics is making a clear connection between the technology they use and the goals they set. That’s why as I’ve learned and grown as an analytics professional I’ve become increasingly committed to helping organizations change how they see and strategize around their data resources. Each day, I apply my skills in executive decision support, people management, data management, and process improvement to push that vision forward.

The Ironside Analytics Advisory practice is the ultimate embodiment of that drive. The experts on this team inspire me every day with how deeply they immerse themselves in our clients’ business structures, empathize with their struggles, and align to their goals. That passion and curiosity leads to practical plans and assets that fit the clients they’re built for and become embedded in their culture.