Information Management

Establish an information ecosystem that complements your goals and drives high-quality, high-value analytics.

“An effective Information Management architecture helps an organization to efficiently combine all existing and emerging technologies and craft an integrated approach that caters to business needs across all types of information.”

Nirav Valia, Ironside Senior Data Architecture Consultant

Core Functional, Industry and Technological Capabilities

  • Use Case Development and Requirements Gathering and Design

  • Data Architecture and Modeling

  • Data Warehousing

  • Star Schema and In-Memory, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Experts

  • Big Data, NoSQL and Hadoop Architecture and Development

  • Extract Transform and Load (ETL) and Data Integration

  • Master Data Management, Data Quality, Cleansing and Data Governance

Customer Success

Ironside engaged with one of the top 5 global asset managers in the world

… to enable them with an infrastructure to access crucial pieces of data in a timely manner, migrating disparate and aging data sources into a single, streamlined, centrally managed data warehouse environment enabling high performance point in time comparisons and fast-paced decision making.

Working closely with the client’s onsite Database Engineering team, Ironside Information Management consultants reconciled over 20 tables coming from such disparate data sources as:

  • TM1

  • A-Track

  • Remedy

  • Oracle GL

  • Excel 

Ironside resources also served as the primary architects of the redesign, putting into practice new ETL specifications, optimizing the reporting layer to work with the new data warehouse, and transforming the many source inputs into a standardized whole. With this groundwork laid, the team then expanded the vision of what the data warehouse could be, compiling a full data profile, implementing cleaned data extract and transformation code, integrating fully with Cognos BI and TM1 instances, and redesigning the Cognos reporting layer/creating reliable, actionable new reports.

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