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It takes a lot of careful work and good investments

to become a household name in TV entertainment, and AMC Networks has done exactly that. The success of shows like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad have established AMC as one of the foremost brands in the space. To keep on leading the pack, AMC decided they needed to begin getting ahead of viewing trends through diving deeper into the data available to them. To realize this vision, they engaged with Ironside’s Data Science & Analytics team to embark on a mission toward a predictive model designed to optimize viewership.

Customer Case Study

Client Information

Industry: Entertainment

Size: 501-1000 employees; >$1 billion in revenue

Areas of Engagement: Data Science & Analytics

The Challenge.

AMC wanted to build out an in-house predictive analytics solution to avoid the time delays and costs associated with outsourcing these kinds of activities. They needed a detailed understanding of viewer behavior fast, and also needed to account for the multi-channel nature of the modern entertainment marketplace. The best way to get these insights while keeping a short timeline was to leverage existing relationships with trusted technology partners like Ironside and invest in an onsite implementation. This approach saved AMC 6 months of time, already putting them further ahead of the competition before the project even started.

The Journey.

Ironside built out a predictive analytics solution that would take full advantage of the powerful big data and analytics engine already in place at AMC. In addition to helping configure the tools needed, the Ironside Data Science & Analytics team designed two predictive models: one crafted to identify individuals with characteristics similar to AMC’s best customers and one made for assessing how well a show premiere will do in terms of ratings and viewership. Throughout the process, the team mentored and trained AMC internal resources to work with the new software, create models of their own, and maintain the models already in place.

The Results.

One of the things that makes Ironside’s engagement at AMC so unique is the tangible public impact it had after the predictive models were put in place. The work that the Data Science & Analytics team did directly contributed to the successful premiere of one of AMC’s recent hit shows. This was just one of many advantages the models designed offered.

The Ironside Data Science & Analytics team provided the following major benefits to AMC:

  • Provided a sophisticated predictive analytics environment tied to AMC’s key data sources.

  • Delivered predictive models that immediately went into service and resulted in improvements to AMC’s show scheduling and promotional activities.

  • Enabled AMC’s internal analytics team to continue getting strong, usable results out of the existing models and come up with models of their own.

  • Drove peak levels of viewership at AMC’s first major premiere of 2015.

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