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When it comes to analytics changing people’s lives

there are few more stirring examples than their applications in law enforcement. The same predictive technologies and data science techniques that make such an impact in the business world translate seamlessly into the public sector, preventing crime and enabling ideal resource distribution in jurisdictions of all sizes. The Manchester, NH Police Department realized the potential these tools held for their city and asked Ironside to help them get proactive with their policing strategy through our IronShield predictive policing platform.

Customer Case Study

Hear from Chief Willard and the Manchester PD about how IronShield has helped reduce crime. (11:02)

Client Information

Industry: Law Enforcement

Size: 237 sworn officers

Areas of Engagement: Data Science, Location Intelligence

The Challenge.

Manchester PD was starting to incorporate analytics into their patrol process through a hot spots policing map based on the locations in the city where the most crime had occurred historically. This worked to an extent, but they wanted to take it to the next level and start forecasting where incidents were likely to take place instead of reacting based on past information.

The Journey.

The Ironside Data Science & Analytics team engaged with Manchester PD’s crime analysts to get an SPSS Modeler implementation up and running that would complement the hot spot policing system they had already started developing. Our data scientists then worked hand-in-hand with Manchester PD’s internal resources to design the predictive models that would power their first IronShield platform module: a predictive hot spots module that could be rolled out in near real-time to officers on patrol to tell them where and when they needed to be at which locations in order to maximize their crime prevention efforts. With this close mentorship, the crime analysts also got prepared to implement future modules on their own, such as offender- and victim-based models.

The Results.

Manchester PD saw significant proof that IronShield was making a difference within the first five weeks of implementation, and their crime analysts are eager to dive into even more modeling possibilities. Here’s what they’ve accomplished so far:

  • Provided forecasts for each 8-hour officer shift, allowing appropriate resource allocation, and allowed daily updates to the hot spot maps so that forecasts are continually accurate to 7 days in the future.

  • Set up workflows for pushing hot spot maps out to the mobile data terminals (MDTs) in Manchester PD cruisers so officers can see where hot spots are predicted on the go in near real-time.

  • Recorded crime reductions of 24% for robberies, 13% for burglaries, and 34% for thefts from motor vehicles within the first 10 weeks of deployment.

  • Recorded a total crime reduction impact of 28% within the first five weeks of deployment.

  • Recorded 60% crime prediction accuracy within a 500-foot radius of where the crime was forecast to occur.

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