When making decisions that impact people’s health

precision is important. Insurance companies need to be able to look across their entire business and quickly pull relevant details to present accurate coverage information and remain both responsible and competitive. One of the major health insurance providers in the US engaged with Ironside to make certain they were able to deliver in all these areas through updating and centralizing their information management and business intelligence (BI) resources.

Customer Case Study

Client Information

Industry: Insurance

Size: 10000-50000 employees; >$1 billion in revenue

Areas of Engagement: Business Intelligence, Information Management

The Challenge.

The client needed to modernize and consolidate their decentralized, multi-version BI environment to better support their evolving analytics culture, improve user adoption/experience, and lower their maintenance costs while increasing their stability and performance. They turned to Ironside to help them manage the transition to this more dynamic business analytics approach.

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The Journey.

The Ironside BI team started the process of creating the client’s ideal analytics environment by tracking and analyzing all of their decentralized BI resources and mapping out a change management and development process. They then partnered with the client’s infrastructure team to configure new 64-bit host systems, build out the updated BI platform, and connect it to the new data sources. With the foundation of the system in place, the team designed a full-scale implementation plan to migrate in dozens of applications from a variety of business areas important to the client, which they proceeded to execute hand in hand with the client’s internal resources. Finally, they transitioned the access security system being used with the BI platform to Active Directory, giving the client a much more modern authentication methodology.

The Results.

With their unified environment complete, the client got a whole new understanding of what was possible with their data. No longer were different departmental facts hidden in multiple formats or disconnected. Every insight was now achievable in a standardized, easy-to-use central location. This had an immediate positive impact on both query efficiency and user adoption. With a single source of truth available, there was no longer any question as to which pieces of data were or were not relevant/verified.

The Ironside BI team provided the following major benefits to the client:

  • Increased application responsiveness through implementing and tuning new caching features included in the updated BI platform.

  • Connected previously disjointed business areas and standardized analytics processes across the company through a single solution.

  • Improved scalability, capacity, and stability through moving to modern 64-bit host systems.

  • Reduced the number of servers needed for the environment and the maintenance cost associated with them by switching to 64-bit.

  • Empowered users and boosted user adoption rates through standardized reporting approaches, security, versioning, and support.

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