Ironside & Domo

Act fast with flexible, visual self-service analytics.

Your Data Made Visible

Ironside has become a Domo partner to give our clients fast access to insights from all corners of their organization in highly consumable formats. With its wide range of preconfigured data source connectors, social/collaborative development options, and quick start dashboards, Domo is a great option for fast answers even in a low-IT environment.


Value in Minutes

The pace at which you get value out of Domo is extremely rapid. Getting up and running is fast and easy, and you can use Domo QuickStart apps to build entire preconfigured dashboards from popular data sources within minutes of logging in. This is a powerful asset to have, especially in lines of business where real-time insights are of high importance.

Ironside can help you see where Domo fits in your analytics landscape through practical business cases and one-on-one mentorship during initial setup and development.

Domo marketing analytics Google Analytics QuickStart

What Domo Delivers

Fast, easy dashboard and visualization design

Access to and integration of hundreds of data sources

Mobile-first cloud access anytime, anywhere

Collaborative socialization and discussion of analytics results right in the platform

Domo dashboard example