Our Team

Bright Minds, Strong Values, Empowering Innovations

At Ironside, we surround ourselves with passionate, highly intelligent, motivated individuals who lead in their fields through up to date knowledge of industry standards and practices, coupled with the motivation, experience and foresight to stay ahead of a market that is constantly shifting.


Tim Kreytak
Tim KreytakChief Executive Officer
David Michelson
David MichelsonChief Operating Officer
Greg Bonnette
Greg BonnetteVP, Strategy & Innovation
Rich Sepe
Rich SepeDirector of Sales
John Skayne
John SkayneVP, Finance

Team Members

Scott Misage
Scott MisageDirector, BI
Rob Minogue
Rob Minogue Director, Advisory
Michelle Arnold
Michelle ArnoldDirector, Marketing
Geoff Speare
Geoff SpeareDirector, IM
Erik Romanek
Erik Romanek Director, Platform Services
De Hsieh
De Hsieh Manager, Solution Center
Pamela Askar
Pamela AskarData Scientist
Oren Minc
Oren MincSenior Consultant
Nirav Valia
Nirav ValiaSenior Consultant
Crystal Meyers
Crystal MeyersEngagement Manager
Tim Dickens
Tim DickensSolution Architect
Matt Barter
Matt BarterIndustry Lead, Crime Prediction & Prevention
Robert Miller
Robert MillerExperience Design Lead
Chi Shu
Chi ShuData Scientist
Dominic D'Adamo
Dominic D'AdamoSenior Platform Consultant
Susan Ma
Susan MaSenior Consultant
Wes Wisse
Wes WisseSenior Consultant
John Fehlner
John FehlnerEngagement Manager
Kulbir Virk
Kulbir VirkSenior Consultant
Vikram Kaul
Vikram KaulEngagement Manager
Suresh Edara
Suresh EdaraSenior Consultant
Charlie Stuart
Charlie StuartSenior Consultant
Mike Wilson
Mike WilsonSenior Consultant
Rebecca Rodriguez
Rebecca RodriguezSenior Consultant
Michael Vollmer
Michael VollmerSenior Consultant
Zeid Farhad
Zeid FarhadSenior Technical Consultant
Jason Gardepe
Jason GardepeSenior Technical Consultant
Bejoy Pereira
Bejoy PereiraSenior Technical Consultant
Amandeep Mundra
Amandeep MundraSenior Technical Consultant

It’s about the people!

Every one of Ironside’s successful projects, ecstatic clients, and game-changing solutions starts and ends with our people. We surround ourselves with passionate, highly intelligent, trustworthy individuals who make a daily difference in our industry. Our team has an unrivaled and wholehearted investment in the lasting success of our clients. Leveraging a collective knowledge-base built from decades of applied experience, we ensure that the best answer for each client is not only conceived, but also fully understood and expertly implemented.