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Ironside is an Enterprise Data and Analytics firm and Advanced AWS Partner specializing in building innovative solutions leveraging AWS native analytics services. In a recent project, we worked with Homer Learning to build and launch a solution leveraging Amazon QuickSight to assist their marketing department gain greater visibility into the attribution and conversion of digital marketing spend. 

As a provider of digital education products to children via mobile and web, recent changes by the major industry ecosystem vendor data privacy terms & conditions (Apple & Google) have made tracking usage of Homer’s products very challenging. For the growth of their business, they needed to understand which digital advertising and marketing efforts were converting new customers and driving user consumption. 

Partnering with Homer’s data and analytics team, Ironside engaged to implement Amazon QuickSight Dashboards and Reports sourced from their data lake of advertising spend and user product usage information. The solution required close coordination with various business users within their marketing department and Homer analytics technical leadership to determine the effectiveness of advertising spend for both new user acquisition and user attention. 

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Exhibit A:Homer Learning Marketing Attribution Amazon QuickSight Dashboard and Reporting

Ironside’s Practice Lead for Business Intelligence, Scott Misage, shared, “The Homer Learning solution is interesting as it brings the headlines in the newspaper to customers engagement with the requirements, with Homer leveraging AWS to house their data analytics platform, Amazon QuickSight ”

Understanding the data elements from their variety of advertising and product platforms is essential for Homer’s marketing decision makers and is what Amazon QuickSight delivers. Ironside worked closely with business users to understand how they were looking to consume the data and align that to traditional and advanced features within Amazon QuickSight. Jin Chung, Sr. Architect, Analytics Platform at Homer shared, “The Ironside team worked closely with our business stakeholders to understand how they have interacted with the data previously and put forward solutions that could enhance that experience with some of the new features in Amazon QuickSight.” 

The Homer Amazon QuickSight environment is integrated to many other AWS analytics and management platform services that provide data processing and security capabilities. A key component of the platform is the aggregation of 3rd party data delivered to Homer via AWS S3 and blended in Databricks Delta Lake.  Ironside worked to create a secure and functional solution that integrated QuickSight to the Delta Lake with AWS Athena. 

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The journey of parenthood begins without a map. As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want them to grow up to be confident lifelong learners who are ready to take on the world. At HOMER, our purpose is to give kids the best start to their learning journey during the window of opportunity—before the age of 6—where 85% of brain development takes place. We guide and champion children through this pivotal time as they build their skills and deepen their love of learning, and we partner with parents to provide the support that all kids need.