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Given recent innovations in the latest IBM Cognos toolset and the promise of business intelligence to provide a competitive advantage, more and more customers are critically evaluating their business intelligence strategy and roadmap, including customers who own earlier versions of Cognos and those looking to make an initial investment into the current version of the Cognos suite of solutions. There is a common requirement among both these customers: to make the most of their Cognos investment (existing or new) while also controlling software and project costs.

With over 13 years working with Cognos, the Ironside Group is uniquely suited to help your organization address these issues by providing guidance when architecting a comprehensive solution that includes training, services, and software that fits your organizational needs. In this article, we will focus on the software license cost.

There are two primary costs when considering purchasing software: the upfront purchase price (discussed here) and maintenance costs (which will be discussed in a future article). Read more