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Customizing Cognos URL Objects (Part II)

In part one of our customizing Cognos URL objects article, we discussed how to create a new URL link in Cognos Connection and change its default action to be open in a new re-sizable window to demonstrate one method of extending the existing Cognos capabilities. When developing Cognos professional reports, often times we get similar […]

Customizing Cognos URL Objects (Part 1)

How Do URLs Currently Work In Cognos Within IBM Cognos, a URL object is a very easy way of linking to any external file or web site. Using URLs helps you keep the files and web sites you use most frequently at your fingertips. However, the default behavior of a Cognos URL object opens the […]

The IBM Cognos SDK: Bridging the Gaps

While the IBM Cognos 8 BI application suite provides best of breed capabilities and user acceptance, the one size fits all approach necessary for software vendors to allow their applications to remain business agnostic can often leave organizations lacking a focused solution to a specific issue. Providing a process to extend and add value to […]


Extend, Enhance and Integrate Your BI Solution: The New IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service

IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service (CMS), a new web service shipped with the 8.4 Platform, is an API (application programming interface) that automatically and securely exposes BI content as a web service for use in operational applications, business process management (BPM) workflows and mashups. With this capability, you now can extend your BI content into […]