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Embed Google Maps in IBM Cognos Reports

IBM Cognos has a built-in map functionality that provides great visualization. With multiple layers on each map you can display data at different levels and even create drill throughs to other reports. It is a nice feature to visually present your data. However, everything has its limitations. There are some rich map features that IBM […]

IBM Cognos 10 Upgrade Planning

Since IBM Cognos 10 was released last winter, upgrading has become a very hot topic among the Cognos user community. Why upgrade? There are many reasons: new features and functionalities, easier to use, better performance and more. Cognos 10 will not only serve your business better but also deliver a revolutionary new experience as well […]

Session Timeout 101

As a system administrator there are a number of factors that must be considered in regards to overall system stability, usability and performance. One of the many configurations to consider is the Session Timeout settings. For example, you might be asked to set a Session Timeout to a certain number of minutes to prevent reports […]

IBM Cognos 10: Changing The Global Report Style Sheet

In the past we have introduced a couple of ways to standardize report’s appearances such as designing effective IBM Cognos Report Studio templates and the use of Layout Component References to help centralize and simplify repetitive report design tasks. These techniques mainly focus on changing the look and feel within Report Studio. However sometimes you […]

IBM Cognos CSV Files: The Encoding Mystery

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally posted on April 14, 2011, and has been reviewed on October 5, 2020 to reflect Cognos analytics changes.  Exporting Cognos report data in CSV is one of the most frequently used output formats, and it is very common to leverage those CSV files in other applications and tools. For […]

IBM Cognos 8 – Custom Authentication Provider

In the past we have introduced the IBM Cognos SDK family of products in our article IBM Cognos SDK: Bridging the Gaps providing you with a glimpse of the potential methods for utilizing the SDK to further the standard Cognos suite. Today let’s take a closer look at one of special SDK toolsets – the […]

Best Practices: Business Intelligence Project Management

Business Intelligence tools have been one of the most prolific software investments for many organizations in the last decade; from Fortune 100 companies to small 100 person organizations. Providing historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, BI tools offer limitless possibilities within your organization. From analysts identifying and analyzing opportunities and trends to helping […]

Customizing Cognos URL Objects (Part III)

In our previous two articles we discussed methods of extending the existing Cognos capabilities: how to create a new URL link in Cognos Connection and change its default action to be open in a new re-sizable window and how to create an open-in- new-window URL link in Report Studio. Today, let’s continue our journey and […]