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During 2009, IBM Cognos introduced Cognos Express, its one-stop BI and planning solution purpose-built to meet the needs of midsize companies”. While large organizations have been implementing Business Intelligence solutions for years, mid-size organizations were often left in a quandary wondering whether to spend time and money on a solution that did not necessarily fit their needs. With a more streamlined implementation, web and excel based interfaces, and attractive pricing, Cognos Express is a promising step in closing the gap between mid-sized companies and enterprise Performance Management Software. Read more

The late 2009 release of Cognos Express has generated quite a bit of interest from companies considering the benefits of a Business Intelligence (BI) implementation, but had previously been limited by financial considerations. While this entry into the market does provide an excellent solution at a relatively low cost, IT departments need to keep in mind that this type of BI software is never a turnkey solution.  Many of the same strategic and tactical issues that larger companies have faced over the past decade in an effort to effectively undertake a BI initiative while retaining a high ROI will be faced, all be it on a smaller scale, by mid-market organizations. It is critical that the IBM Cognos Express team in these organizations realize that a complete implementation methodology is vital to the overall success and sustainability of the BI project, no matter the size of the company, the cost of the tool or the complexity of the project. Read more