Ironside Helps Clients Save Money on IBM S&S & C10 Upgrade

For many years, Cognos clients and users have only had the ability to renew their subscription and support for their licenses through IBM at full entitled price.  As of April 2011, IBM has authorized Ironside to resell S&S directly to users, very often at a discounted price.  Many organizations have begun to take advantage of discounts and credits by being cognizant of the start and end dates of their S&S cycles.  By keeping an open dialogue with Ironside we have ensured that our clients will have every opportunity to save money on their S&S and trade-up purchases.

Case Study

Recently, The Ironside Group worked with a higher education Cognos user in the Northeast on an upgrade to Cognos 10.  The client was looking to gain full feature/functionality of Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced in Cognos 10, but only had Cognos Consumer licenses.  In Cognos 10, the Enhanced consumer license is required to access to the new features of Cognos 10 (namely Active Reports and Business Insight).  We began to work with the client to help them better understand how they could save money by completing their C10 trade-ups before their S&S was due.  Since first year S&S is included in trade-up and new license purchases, we quickly realized that the client was in line to save roughly ten thousand dollars on their S&S bill by not paying for the consumers because they would be buying traded-up enhanced consumers.  The savings allowed the client to more easily justify the upgrade costs internally and keeping the project under budget.

What if I don’t want to trade up?

If the client is not looking to move to a newer version of Cognos and would just like to remain supported through IBM, Ironside can help.  Since most Cognos S&S renewals are bundled in together with other IBM products that Ironside is authorized to resell, Ironside can work with the client and IBM team to ensure the best price on their renewal.  Ironside has been able to pass along discounts in the thousands of dollars in some many cases, so please contact us to discuss the discount we can provide for your organization.

Although every client’s S&S cycle and situation is slightly different, Ironside has the experience and know-how of the process to maximize Cognos users’ ability to save money.  With a four person sales team with a combined thirty plus years of Cognos and IBM experience we have continued to provide value to our clients and prospects by educating them on the process, delivering quality and most of all, maximizing their savings.

The Ironside Group, Inc is an IBM Preferred Business Partner with offices in in Massachusetts, New York, Cleveland, Texas and Montreal.  For more information on IBM S&S or Cognos 10 upgrades simply contact us here for final pricing and fulfillment.