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Announcing IBM PureData for Analytics / Netezza for Cloud

Biplane in clouds

Netezza on cloudIronside is excited to announce a ground breaking new solution for organizations wanting to leverage their analytics workload-optimized PureData for Analytics / Netezza appliance in conjunction with rest of their virtualized private cloud analytics architecture. Ironside’s IBM PureData for Analytics (PDA) for Cloud offering solves all of the major hurdles for connecting your physical big data appliance with your virtual cloud infrastructure: management and communications bandwidth and latency. Ironside is now uniquely able to provide hosting and management of your appliance in conjunction with direct, private, and secure network connectivity back to IBM SoftLayer or other major cloud providers. This means you can host your entire analytics architecture in the cloud and still take advantage of the massive benefits that a physical appliance provides in this application.

What do I get?

Realize your enterprise cloud analytics vision with all the familiar benefits of IBM PureData for Analytics, such as big data workload optimization, high performance query, high availability, extremely low cost of ownership, and hands-off administration. Other features of the service include:

  • Enterprise Class Hosting and Management for IBM PDA/Netezza
  • 99.999+% Uptime and Reliability – Exceeding “Tier 4” Standards
  • Highly Secure and Controlled – SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II Certified
  • Flexible and Fast Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Connectivity
  • Variety of Options for Backups and Disaster Recovery

How does it work?

Many hybrid cloud deployments and integrations for engineered big data systems like PDA/Netezza need to be closely located to the rest of your analytics architecture. If you are doing data integration, data movement, reporting and deep analytics there will often be situations you need to have a low latency connection between those down stream applications and your PDA for performance reasons. If your PDA is located on-premise and the rest of your analytics infrastructure is located in the cloud, you may be experiencing communication and congestion issues like those below. Or perhaps you just don’t want to manage a separate vendor relationship, or have a data center team just to support your appliance when your strategy is otherwise 100% private cloud, because, your business is what your organization does for its customers, not managing data centers.

Without Ironside PDA/Netezza for Cloud

Without Ironside Netezza for Cloud

With Ironside Netezza/PDA for Cloud

You get your own private, dedicated piece of fiberglass between your appliance and your private cloud. You have the peace of mind of a single vendor to manage your infrastructure, with both analytics and Netezza specific expertise. Don’t let your appliance ground your vision or strategy for enterprise cloud-based analytics.

With Ironside Netezza for Cloud

Turn-Key Enterprise Analytics Private Cloud

Ironside has been a leader in the domain of cloud-based business analytics and managed services for a while now. Backed by the assurance of IBM and SoftLayer, we have dozens of happy clients who are both cloud-hosted and managed with Ironside Managed Services and we bring decades of applied knowledge around IBM Business Analytics and Big Data technology. If you are looking for a turn-key solution, consider hosting and managing your entire enterprise analytics platform with Ironside for unparalleled performance, service, and white-glove consultative support. Packages like the one below that include the full stack of Big Data, Warehousing, and Business Intelligence technology to get up and running offer immense value with very low entry points and subscription-based or rent-to-own pricing that allow conversion of up-front capital expenditures to pure operating expense. We can tailor solutions for any size of company and we have answers to all of your perceived integration and hybrid cloud challenges.

Netezza cloud analytics options


How Do I Get Started?

To learn more or obtain sizing and pricing information for your new PureData for Analytics initiative, or cloud migration project, please contact us at GetInsights@ironsidegroup.com. You can also check out our Managed Services team page for more on our hosted and on-prem offerings.