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Managing SKIPCHECK and Feeders in IBM Cognos- Part II

Inter-cube Feeders In my previous month’s article on “Managing the Art of Feeders”, we reviewed the concept of using Skipcheck and Feeder functionality in standard TM1 rules. In this month’s article, we will discuss further enhancing a developer’s capability around writing rules within TM1 and review the concept of inter-cube feeders. While much of the […]

Managing SKIPCHECK and Feeders in IBM Cognos TM1

When you first begin to use TM1, especially if you came from the EP world as I did, you can quickly become enamored with how well TM1 can handle large cubes with ease. You can create multiple hierarchies within a cube and within those hierarchies TM1’s sparse consolidation algorithm aggregates values at light speed. You […]

Ironside Group expands to the Southeast

Happy New Year!  Ironside Group is pleased to announce its expansion into the Southeast by opening its newest office at 659 Auburn Avenue, Suite 158, Atlanta, GA. Ironside is a premier and exclusive IBM business partner specializing in business intelligence and data warehousing (Cognos), corporate performance management (TM1 and FSR) and predictive analytics (SPSS).  Since […]

IBM SPSS Modeler – Package Import and Export

One of the features of IBM SPSS Modeler 14.1 is that it can now directly integrate with your IBM Cognos BI environment to leverage the power of predictive analytics. If you are new to IBM SPSS then feel free to reference our previous newsletter article showcasing all the components of IBM SPSS. This month’s tech […]


Create an Active Report with a Data Deck

With the introduction of Active Report, IBM Cognos 10 report designers now have the ability to quickly and effectively create dynamic, powerful, interactive, self-contained reports available offline and on the go, which are highly sought after by report consumers. Active Report’s intuitive, drag and drop interface makes it incredibly easy to add interactivity and functionality […]

The Importance of Planning Ahead

As a new year approaches, new projects and initiatives within organizations of all types and sizes begin to surface. In order to ensure on-time completion and delivery of projects, it is crucial for organizations to always be looking ahead. As many IT teams are already feeling the squeeze of a heavy workload, managing expectations of […]

Dynamic Query Mode for Relational Databases

In September, IBM introduced Cognos version 10.1.1, the latest update to Cognos 10. Among the significant enhancements in the software is the ability to Dynamic Query Mode with relational databases. Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) is an intelligent data caching mechanism which can dramatically improve the performance of OLAP style queries. With the prior version, DQM […]

Ironside Group Annual Golf Tournament was a Hole-In-One

On Tuesday September 20th, the Ironside Group hosted their Annual Golf Event at Shaker Hills Golf Club in Harvard, MA.   Although the weather was initially ominous, it  did not stop most from participating and as we were about to tee off, the rain stopped!   Immediately following golf, the club house was open for cocktails and […]