Introduction to Data Mining and IBM SPSS Modeler: New Training Course Starting June 17th

The Ironside Group is happy to announce that the first of our IBM SPSS training course offerings will be released on June 17th. This course will explore the basics of one of the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Solution’s most integral components: IBM SPSS Modeler. We are very excited about this product and the ways in which it can add value to your information infrastructure, and look forward to starting you down the road to understanding its predictive capabilities.

We all know that the business decisions we made in the past help inform the steps we take in the present. The real trick, though, is using that data to go even further, predicting our future instead of just identifying the current state of affairs. What can we take and apply from this historical information that will improve our processes? How do we get a leg up on competitors by comparing what they’ve done with what we’re doing? How do we track the patterns of our customers to optimize our campaigns and ensure continued brand loyalty? IBM SPSS Modeler can answer all these questions and many more.

IBM SPSS Modeler uses proven statistical algorithms to generate projections from the data you feed into it. These formulas, called models, discover patterns and relationships within your data to predict future outcomes. The best part? You don’t need to be a statistician to use the IBM SPSS Modeler system. It provides you with an intuitive graphical user interface that breaks down these complex processes into a series of simple steps.

In the Introduction to Data Mining and IBM SPSS Modeler course, our predictive analytics experts will teach you the ins and outs of navigating the Modeler interface while also giving you the contextual knowledge and procedural information necessary to begin predicting the future of your business. From data sources to nodes to outputs, the Ironside team will introduce you to the world of data mining and predictive analytics and leave you feeling confident in your ability to begin using this game changing technology to maximize your organization’s potential.

The first course will take place in Lexington, MA on June 17th, and the second will be held in New York, NY on July 8th. Each course will be two days in length and will include the hands-on workshops, detailed manuals, and expert advice that you’ve come to expect from Ironside. We also plan to hold courses in Detroit, MI and Atlanta, GA in the near future, so be on the lookout for those dates.

Introduction to Data Mining and IBM SPSS Modeler is only the beginning. Ironside is developing an entire curriculum of predictive analytics training, including advanced Modeler courses, introductory and advances SPSS Statistics courses, and several more specifically targeted courses around the functionality of these two programs. If you have any suggestions about what aspects of IBM SPSS technology you’d like to learn about, please get in touch with us. We greatly value your feedback and look forward to seeing you in class.