Ironside Achieves IBM Gold Practice Accreditation: Most Decorated IBM Partner World-Wide

IBM gold concept medals

Ironside, has become the first IBM Business Partner to achieve IBM Gold Software Accreditation in the three major pillars of IBM business analytics software: Business Intelligence (Cognos), Financial Performance Management (TM1), and Predictive Analytics (SPSS). In addition to being an IBM Premier Partner and North America IBM Business Analytics Partner of the Year, Ironside has also achieved Bronze IBM Software Accreditation for Cognos Incentive Compensation Management making the firm the only IBM business partner in the world to have four accreditations.

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Mark Enslin, IBM Business Analytics Accreditation Program Manager, called Ironside’s achievement “distinguishing.”

“This achievement illustrates the importance of combining technical acumen with driving successful client outcomes,” Enslin said. “Becoming IBM software accredited serves to differentiate IBM Business Partners in the market.”

The IBM gold accreditations come under their Software Practice Accelerator Program, launched in 2013, which takes into account the number of successful implementations a business partner has completed and the technical acumen of its consultants, among other factors.

Ironside President Dan Hess said: “These accreditations help to ensure that Ironside provides the highest possible rate of success to our valued customers. Alignment with the gold standards defined by industry leader IBM assures that our customers receive the best strategic and technical solutions.”

Ironside also has new business units focused on the Watson family of offerings and Big Data, allowing the organization to remain at the forefront of delivering the best possible solutions. The company’s executives recognize how important building competency in these new areas is to Ironside’s continued success:

“Continued innovation with a focus providing a 360 degree capability to our clients remains the focus at Ironside,” said CEO Tim Kreytak.

“The ever changing nature of software requires dedication to education to ensure optimal solutions for Ironside’s clients,” said Greg Bonnette, Vice President of Product Development.

“These IBM gold accreditations coupled with the application of countless years of subject matter expertise have allowed us to not only provide technical excellence,” Bonnette continued, , “but to incorporate this knowledge into sustainable and actionable packaged solutions to provide our customers with faster return on investment.”

This award serves as a validation of the Ironside way of approaching technical solutions to complex client needs. The company is committed to continually striving toward excellence in all areas of IBM technology and applying its collective creativity to apply these solutions in new and powerful ways.

About Ironside

At Ironside, we dive deep into clients’ core business challenges, emerging with new insights into how we can leverage the power of business analytics to help move companies further and faster toward their goals.

Our expertise in business intelligence, performance management, predictive analytics, information management, big data, and more only becomes meaningful when brought into careful alignment with where a business stands today and where it means to be tomorrow.

Our goal is to use the power of business analytics to propel businesses forward and upward, until they break through to a new way of looking at their industry, the world, and their place in both. It’s a lofty way of thinking that has helped us make new inroads in our industry, and our clients in theirs.

Ironside is headquartered in historic Lexington, Massachusetts, with regional offices in New York, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Austin.

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