Ironside Group’s Hosting & Managed Services Offerings

Traditional thinking when considering an enterprise business intelligence software purchase is for IT own it, operate it, and be wholly responsible for everything involved with it.  Factor in a challenging economy, little room for adding headcount, and internal resources spread thin on multiple projects.  If this seems like too much of a burden to undertake, but you’d still like to reap the benefits of an enterprise BI solution then it may be time to think outside the box and explore the idea of having your solution hosted and managed externally.

As we work with our customers, one important thing we have observed is that line of business customers in organizations of all sizes are trying to become less reliant on IT and more self-sufficient. Their major concern is the amount of internal resources and infrastructure they will need to dedicate to a solution. Although IBM designs their products to be easy to manage internally, sometimes having dedicated resources to manage the solution is not feasible.

With the growing need to have clients’ free themselves from the overhead of business intelligence and performance management solutions, Ironside Group has established a hosting and managed services practice. As a result of a partnership with a leading Cloud Services company, Ironside Group can offer clients of all sizes the ability for their Business Analytics solution to be hosted in a SAS70 certified data center for a monthly fee.

Ironside Group can also provide the option of leveraging our 15 years of experience in building Cognos solutions to manage your Cognos application environment. This service would include setup and configuration, administration functions, monitoring, tuning and working with IBM directly on any potential issues. The Ironside Group has dedicated in-house resources that run all our Cloud and Managed Services offerings so each client can be sure they will receive the appropriate amount of attention. 24×7 as well as 5×10 options are available.

Often when engaging in discussions regarding Managing and Hosting a Cognos solution, questions around Cognos licensing come up. Current IBM Cognos entitlements can be deployed onto the Ironside Cloud Platform. New licenses purchased and deployed on the Ironside Cloud Platform, are portable in the future.

Costs associated with hosting and managing a solution may vary depending on size and complexity. For more information on IBM Cognos or how to partner with Ironside on your project, please call our home office at 781 860 8840 x201 to speak with an Account Executive.

The Ironside Group, Inc is an IBM Premier Business Partner with offices in in Boston, New York, Cleveland, Detroit, and Atlanta.