Ironside Webinar Series: High Impact Incentive Compensation Reporting and Dashboarding

Incentive Compensation Reporting Evolution Graph

On June 23rd Ironside hosted a High Impact Incentive Compensation Reporting and Dashboarding webinar, where we reimagined what can be done with incentive compensation reports using our expertise in and success with transforming business through an enhanced user experience. If you are a consumer or creator of reports for any level of the sales organization and beyond, then this webinar is for you.

Topics covered included:

  • Dashboard basics, including the psychological processes behind good dashboarding, like pre-attentive processing
  • Your place on the Sales Performance Management Maturity Curve, from working only in Excel to taking advantage of advanced analytics
  • Live demonstration of our latest innovation – IronDrive – a high impact, mobile-ready solution

Learn how you can bring your ICM assets to life and drive quick, effective decision making through intuitive, visually accessible designs by completing the form below and downloading a copy of the webinar recording.