Ironside Webinar Series: Learn Techniques for Increasing Your Fundraising Efforts

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On June 3rd, Ironside hosted a webinar on Donor Optimization Techniques with IBM Business Analytics.  Industry experts from IBM, along with special guest Monique Dozier, the Assistant Vice President of Advancement Information Systems & Donor Strategy at Michigan State University, demonstrated techniques for successfully increasing and accurately targeting fundraising efforts.

Topics covered included:

  • How MSU is using predictive modeling and IBM Cognos to increase donor endowments.
  • Leveraging analytics to answer the unique challenges to your institution.
  • Building reports that allow easy access to data that will help rapidly evaluate prospects and portfolios.
  • How to blend fundraiser insight and intuition with data to achieve better outcomes.

If you would like learn how to incorporate IBM Predictive Analytics into your environment and see the positive impact it will have on your organization, download a copy of the webinar recording by completing the form below. Start your predictive analytics journey today!