Ironside’s Cloud-Based Netezza Solution Tops IBM Award Finalists

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Ironside Recognized as 2015 IBM Beacon Award Finalist for Outstanding Information Management Solution

This year, Ironside received the high honor of being placed among the finalists for IBM’s prestigious Beacon Award in the category of Outstanding Information Management solution. The accolade displays IBM’s recognition of an unprecedented and groundbreaking project for one of Ironside’s top clients that included an end-to-end enterprise information management architecture that was entirely cloud-based. Additionally, and in partnership with IBM SoftLayer, Ironside  envisioned and executed on a never-before-seen cloud implementation that allowed the client to leverage the unparalleled power of an IBM PureData for Analytics  infrastructure without having to bring it onsite.  PureData for Analytics, more commonly known in the industry as Netezza, is one of the most robust and sophisticated data warehouses currently on the market. Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s take a deeper look into how Ironside is making Netezza more easily available than ever before.

Solution Details

In the current era of distributed and outsourced service options, it is essential to many clients that they be able to access cutting edge analytics workload optimization capabilities without needing to accommodate a large and expensive implementation onsite. Up until now, clients wanting to invest in a powerful information management and analysis infrastructure like Netezza were forced into to either physical deployments in their own data center or using more limited options like Amazon Redshift. Ironside and IBM have changed all that. Taking the pain points and desires of our clients to heart, Ironside has created the Netezza on Cloud solution. This innovative approach to data warehousing and workload optimization empowers organizations to leverage all the best-in-class benefits of the Netezza platform from anywhere, without compromise. Netezza on Cloud lets Ironside clients completely untether from the data center and get out of the infrastructure business by turning Netezza into a managed service delivered through a high-speed, dedicated, and private communication line going directly back to a virtual analytics infrastructure in SoftLayer.

Additionally, Ironside experts fully manage all components of the solution, allowing for a single vendor relationship instead of a complex network of contacts. On top of all the value that the base Netezza on Cloud solution provides, Ironside also offers a Netezza on Cloud Premium Edition upgrade that functions as a true turn-key enterprise information architecture in a box. By opting for this level of engagement, clients can have a full stack of analytic capabilities at their disposal, including Netezza, Cognos BI, and DataStage, in a private cloud enterprise-class deployment that comes with white glove, personalized support. The best part? It’s incredibly affordable thanks to Ironside’s partnership with IBM Global Financing, which allows us to structure offerings in rent or lease to own packages for 100 percent operational expenditures.

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Why It’s Valuable

The Ironside Netezza on Cloud solution is truly the best offering there is in its arena. Competitive products, such as Amazon Redshift or even more traditional database technology, can’t match the performance and flexibility that Netezza on Cloud provides. Beyond the functionality advantages, our solution is also unrivaled in the level of assurance it gives clients when it comes to enterprise-class concerns, such as:

  • Privacy and Security: Leveraging a potent combination of established, proven IBM technologies and expert Ironside knowledge around environmental governance and monitoring, a client signing on for a Netezza on Cloud engagement can rest assured that their assets will not be compromised or shared.
  • Data and Process Isolation: Netezza on Cloud is built on 100 percent private and dedicated hardware. Clients will never have to compromise performance due to split resource allocation.
  • Portability and Flexibility: The client who purchases a Netezza on Cloud solution is the full owner of that solution. They have complete freedom to take it anywhere they need it to go, be that a cloud, hybrid cloud, off-prem, or on-prem setting.

All these claims about the superiority of the Netezza on Cloud solution recently got substantiated when it went up against Teradata in a vendor selection process and won out. Ironside’s solution did a better job of meeting the client’s functional and non-functional requirements for cloud, analytics, total cost of ownership, and simple vendor relationship management. This success led to the Beacon Award top placement.


Beacon Award Finalist LogoIronside stepped in to help IBM solve a problem that had been challenging their information management and SoftLayer teams for quite some time. For this reason, IBM recognized us with the Beacon Award finalist position. If you’d like to learn more about our Netezza on Cloud solution or any other solutions we offer, please feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to start helping with your cloud strategy.

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