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Ironside Predictive Policing Makes IBM Award Finals

Beacon Award predictive policing cop car concept

For the second year in a row, Ironside has been named one of IBM’s Beacon Award finalists, this time in the category of Outstanding IBM Analytics Line-of-Business Solution. This recognition comes in honor of the compelling results that our IronShield predictive policing platform has generated.

About IronShield

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IronShield provides turnkey predictive hot spots policing and analytics for law enforcement. It enables data-driven, evidence-based policing that stops crime before it happens and is customizable to the environment in which it’s implemented, going beyond its initial hot spots module to target each community’s needs. Our CEO Tim Kreytak recently highlighted the impact IronShield has had in Manchester, NH helping the city’s police department combat the heroin crisis.

“Since the solution went live this year, we’ve had a 12 percent reduction in robbery, a 21 percent reduction in burglary, and a 32 percent reduction in thefts from motor vehicles,” Tim announced at this year’s IBM PWLC conference. “We’re also very hopeful that this rate reduction can continue both in Manchester as well as the other cities where the solution is deployed.”

IronShield accomplishes these rate reductions by utilizing powerful predictive models tailored for each community’s unique geography, weather, and history right from the start through its core module for hot spot policing, producing intuitive visual map displays of where crime is most likely to occur. These results can then be fed into computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems of pushed out to the mobile data terminals (MDTs) in a police department’s cruisers directly, arming officers with the facts they need to know with certainty when and where incidents are most likely to happen during their patrols.

IronShield’s Benefits

The results from Manchester PD made a strong case for Ironside’s Beacon Award nomination on their own, but what really drove it home were the clear benefits this success reveals.

With IronShield, you can:

  • Forecast when and where crime is most likely to occur before it does
  • Proactively plan patrol routes through hot spots at the city block level
  • Receive near real-time estimation based on incident history, geography, weather and more
  • Integrate with all major record management systems (RMS/CAD) and GIS systems
  • Easily customize and extend the platform to meet the unique needs of your community
  • Engage powerful mentoring and easy to use tools that enable crime analysts to bring advanced analytics to other areas
  • Reduce crime rates, improve officer morale, and drive positive community sentiment

We’re honored to have made the Beacon Award finals and are proud of all that IronShield can accomplish. If you’d like to learn about some of the other awards we’ve received, check out our Awards & Recognition page.