Introducing Matt Barter, Industry Lead, Crime Prediction & Prevention

vintage police car

Officer Matt Barter

Ironside is excited to welcome Matt Barter into our ranks as our Industry Lead for Crime Prediction & Prevention. As a currently active police officer in an urban New England city, Matt is perfectly positioned to understand the unique challenges law enforcement officials at any level face and uncover the solutions that will let them proactively reduce crime in their communities.

Matt has been an avid pursuer of and advocate for data driven policing methods since the beginning of his criminal justice career. During both his Bachelor’s studies at Saint Anselm College and his Master’s studies at Boston University, he focused on the theories behind different crime trends and how to quantify those theories into everyday policing practices. He then spearheaded the development of a predictive policing strategy rooted in place based crime theory and evidence based policing practice for the city where he serves, a project that has led to significant decreases in crime in target areas.

Bridging the gaps between patrol officers, crime analysts, and command staff is one of Matt’s biggest strengths. He’s experienced the real-world situations that police on the ground deal with as a patrol officer and SWAT team member, and has been able to use those experiences as fuel for implementing practical approaches to law enforcement analytics. This range of competencies means he can also talk through the solutions he recommends on many different levels, expressing both the tactical benefits from day one on the streets and the longer-range strategic vision that those actions will add up to over time.

Matt Barter’s Specialties

  • Predictive policing implementation and strategy
  • Predictive analytics technology and practice
  • Criminology and criminal justice theory
  • Evidence based policing practices
  • Place based crime theories
  • Crime reduction strategies
  • SWAT
  • Tactical EMS
  • Crisis intervention
  • Field training

If you’d like to get to know Matt more or explore what Ironside can do to help you fight crime in your community, check out our IronShield platform for predictive policing. We’d be honored to take part in improving the lives of the people you protect and serve.