Modern Analytics Framework Series – Part 1: Things to know if you’ve been delaying analytics modernization

Today’s companies have no shortage of data. In fact, they have more than ever before. And they know that, hiding in that data, are insights for better business decisions and competitive superiority. 

But even with all the investments they’ve already made, in everything from data marts and warehouses to operational data stores, companies suspect the most valuable insights may remain hidden. And they’re often right. If your current analytics framework is no longer meeting your needs, the signs are all around you.

Top indicators that it’s time to evolve your current framework

  1. Frustrated users can’t find the data or insights they need to drive better decision making. 
  2. Users rely on self-created spreadsheets not accessible to others. 
  3. Analysts spend more time on manual updates than on actionable insights. 
  4. IT-owned analytic assets take too long to update, reducing their usefulness. 
  5. High cost to manage data curtails innovation. 
  6. Your framework is already overwhelmed by the data sources you have, leaving no room for new ones. 
  7. Value leakage — in the form of data you aren’t acting on — grows every day.

So, what’s stopping you?

In working with companies across virtually all major industries, we’ve encountered just about every obstacle that keeps companies trapped in a data analytics environment that no longer meets their needs. Here are the most common concerns we hear, and how Ironside helps to address them.

“We can’t walk away from the investment we’ve already made in our current framework.”

We get that. It’s why a core part of our approach involves meeting you where you are, and helping you move forward from there – not from the starting line. You keep what you have and invest in ways that will give you the greatest ROI based on your needs.

“We don’t have the budget for a big increase in analytics spending.”

We find that a lot of companies actually spend more than they need to by treating all their data equally. It all goes to the data warehouse, where processing costs are high. With our value-based approach, you could end up reducing your spend. 

“We don’t have the time or resources to take this on right now.”

We can function as an add-on to your existing team, so that they won’t be overwhelmed by even more to do. Plus, the new architecture could drastically reduce manual tasks that are taking up their time—freeing them up to focus more on generating game-changing insights.

Three framework components will help you reach new levels of data analytics.


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