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New Capabilities Announced for AWS QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight

Earlier today the AWS team unveiled two new capabilities for QuickSight, Amazon’s signature Business Intelligence tool. Speaking live from the AWS re:Invent conference at the Venetian in Las Vegas, the four hosts announced the ability for users to easily embed QuickSight dashboards in applications and previewed new native Machine Learning capabilities.


live stream at AWS re:invent


Here is an overview of the new capabilities that were announced:


This is an exciting feature and we can only assume at this point that QuickSight provides code snippets to make the embedding of content as easy as possible to facilitate. New APIs will allow developers to disseminate dashboards to wide audiences while still maintaining security and managing access. Even when embedded, QuickSight hosts tout that all sessions can still be secure and authenticated.

Native Machine Learning

This feature is especially exciting for many of us who has been in BI and Analytics for a long time. We always figured this day would come and now it’s finally here.

  • Anomaly Detection – Automatically explore anomalies in your data. QuickSight is analyzing your data behind the scenes to provide this information the end user.

AWS QuickSight Anomaly Detection

  • ML Forecasting – Predict business metrics by in automated fashion by doing things like extending your visualizations to include predictions.
AWS QuickSight Machine Learning Forecasting

(Predictive forecast in AWS QuickSight highlighted in orange.)

  • Auto Narratives – QuickSight uses machine learning to help us describe what’s actually happening in our data and present it for us for review.

AWS QuickSight Auto Narratives


We are excited about the new features for AWS QuickSight.  Ironside’s capabilities with QuickSight and the AWS platform offer our clients the power, flexibility and scalability of Amazon with an industry specific, pay-per-session pricing model. With many years of experience in enterprise and self-service analytics, we can ensure tight integration of new QuickSight functionality into your existing operational processes.






This article was co-authored by Nick Fotos, Advisory Consultant at Ironside.


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