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De Hsieh is one of the consultants with the longest tenure here at Ironside. He has seen it all and has excelled in an unfathomable number of different situations. This versatility is what makes him ideal for his current role of managing the Solutions Center, our on-shore remote development practice. De and his team craft new answers to unique, targeted use cases every day, and he’s always looking for the next challenge. De’s Specialties: On-Shore Remote BI/ETL Development, Operational Business Application Support.
17 Jan 2017

Take a Value Based Approach to Your Analytics Platform Migration

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Analytics platform migrations and upgrades are among Ironside's core competencies. We’ve been doing them since our inception, and we do a lot of them. Here are four common pitfalls that we’ve seen organizations from a variety of industries suffer from during the process. Universal Pitfalls 1. Overlooking the Opportunity to Prune and Consolidate: A Value Based [...]

27 Feb 2015

Ironside Webinar Series: Select the Right Cognos 10.2.2 Tool for the Job

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On February 24th,  Ironside hosted Select the Right Cognos 10.2.2 Tool for the Job: Real-Life Selection Process Leveraging Your use Case webinar, where Ironside's Senior Consulant De Hsieh,  presented an in-depth look into which of the many Cognos tools available are right for which jobs. During this webinar we reviewed some of the issues your organization are [...]

9 Jul 2013

Introduction to Using RAVE Visualizations in Cognos 10.2.1 Active Report

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Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine (RAVE) is the technology behind IBM’s extensible visualization offering. With the ability to create your own visualizations and to utilize those that others have created, the bounds of what have historically been accepted as the limits of IBM Cognos charts and graphs are gone. […]

2 Apr 2013

Best Practices in Getting Started with a Pixel Perfect IBM Cognos Active Report

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The popularity of IBM Cognos Active Report has been steadily gaining and as a result, the bar continues to be raised. Active Reports not only offer an incredible wow-factor because of their highly visual and stylized nature, they also offer powerful interactive capabilities that promise to take business analytics to a whole new level. In the past Ironside Group has written about overall Active Report best practices, but let’s assume you’ve already read those articles and still can’t figure out why your reports don’t look as professional as some of the samples you’ve seen. At the Ironside Group, we receive countless requests for assistance in shortening the learning curve to develop pixel perfect Active Reports. This article will walk through some best practices in getting started down the right path, in the hopes of reducing frustrating re-work. […]

14 Nov 2011

IBM Cognos Tabbed Report Design

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Often times developers will get a request to create several different variations of a single report. While this can be done with user prompting or even multiple versions of a report, another option would be to create tabs within a report which would allow for the user to easily switch between variations. In this month’s tech tip we’ll go over how to create this using drill-throughs, a string variable and a conditional block. The first step is to identify what tabs you’ll want to display. Each one of the tabs will need to be set up individually. In our example (sample included) we’ll use the seven days of the week. […]

29 Aug 2011

NECUG Meeting Sept 22, 2011 Littleton, MA

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NECUG Meeting September 22nd, 2011 Littleton, MA Agenda 8:30 - 9:00 am Registration 9:00 am - 9:15 am Welcome and Introduction 9:15 - 10:00 am Dashboard Design Tips (Featuring IBM Cognos 8.4 and a SQL Server Database) Presenter(s): Greg Novotony, Architect, Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics Greg will discuss best practices for designing dashboards and [...]

17 Jan 2011

IBM Cognos 10- Business Insight Explained

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As we mentioned in last month’s newsletter we will be featuring articles regarding IBM Cognos 10 for the next several months in order to bring our subscribers up to speed on the newest IBM Cognos offering. In prior months we had discussed our initial reaction to IBM Cognos 10, Active Reports and this month we will be reviewing the all new Business Insight interface. This new interface is geared towards the business user, providing them with a suite of powerful tools to access, analyze, and format BI content with minimal training. Let’s go ahead and get started with how best to make use of this new tool. […]

9 Sep 2010

IBM Cognos 8 Go! Mobile: The Next Step in BI Delivery

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You’ve gone through the exercise of creating your data warehouse, developing a model and creating the most relevant and useful reports your organization could use. You’ve gone live: consumers have their logins and have been trained on how to receive their daily fill of data. There may be a few hiccups here and there but in general things are going well. For the most part, users who begin to use Cognos will find themselves using it more and more, making requests as they discover the possibilities presented to them. Convenient as it already is, there will be several groups of users who may need or want even more accessibility. How do you deliver for them? […]

4 May 2010

The Relationship between Developer and Consumer

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The relationship between the report developer and report consumer often times have very little definition, with neither side having a concise picture of the best alignment of roles and responsibilities. The report developer has a clear understanding of the capability of the tools whereas the consumer may not. Conversely the consumer has a unique understanding of the business while the developer may not. When this disconnect is not addressed, the value of your BI tool may not truly be realized. […]

4 Jan 2010

Dynamic Prompting based on User Selection

By | January 4th, 2010|Categories: Newsletter, Proven Practices, Reporting|

In this month’s Tech Tips we’ll run through a demo on how to display dynamic prompts based on user selection. This is especially useful if you want to offer a lot of functionality in a report without confusing the user with a myriad of unnecessary prompting. Hidden prompts will appear when the user makes specific selections in other prompts. […]

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