Book Recommendations from Ironside Thought Leaders

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Last month, we gave you a few summer reading suggestions from our experts, and they were so well-received we decided to bring you three more book recommendations from some more Ironside luminaries. These book recommendations will take you into the final stretch of the season feeling enriched with new insights into organizational growth, analytics strategy, and motivational methods. We hope you enjoy this list as much as you enjoyed the last one. Happy reading!

Part II

Book 1: Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail

book recommendations 1 - Exponential Organizations

“In the fast changing world of analytics, it’s increasingly more important to create a dynamic team and organization to keep up with accelerated information growth and ever changing data-specific technologies. I found this book incredibly useful in helping shape the strategy that allows Ironside to provide the cutting edge solutions that ensure our customers’ success.”

– Dan Hess, President




Book 2: Agile Analytics by Ken Collier

book recommendations 2 - Agile Analytics

“This book discusses the fundamental strategies necessary for successful BI and Analytics projects. It does a great job of explaining why and how you would implement agile analytics in real-world projects.”

– Nirav Valia, Senior Data Architecture Consultant




Book 3: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink

book recommendations 3 - Drive

“Incentive Compensation is motivating people to achieve a specific objective primarily through monetary reward. This book challenges that which so many believe is fact about motivation regarding sales people and other areas of your life.”

– Oren Minc, Senior Performance Management Consultant




Part I

As summer moves into full swing and we all enjoy vacations and family time, we’ll find ourselves partaking in more leisure activities like cracking open a good book. This is both a great way to relax and an excellent method for expanding your knowledge without the daily pressures of your job looming over you. To get you in the spirit of summer, three of our thought leaders took some time to provide some book recommendations you might find useful as you unwind.

Book 1: The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics by Dona M. Wong

book recommendations 1 - Guide to Information Graphics

“Most ‘left brained’ finance professionals grossly underestimate the importance of properly presenting data. This book is a great reference for those looking to improve their quantitative presentation skills.”

– Rob Minogue, Enterprise Performance Management Practice Lead




Book 2: The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

book recommendations 2 - The Design of Everyday Things

“While it’s not dealing directly with digital design, this book helps you embrace user experience as a philosophy. It drives home just how crucial ideals like empathy and utility are to any UX endeavor.”

– Greg Bonnette, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation





Book 3: Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck with Cynthia Andres

book recommendations 3 - Extreme Programming Explained

“XP has changed the way many of us think about software development and management. This book explains the principles of building timeless, innovative, and agile solutions. XP is a key factor that helps Ironside deliver successful projects.”

– Susan Ma, Senior Technical Consultant