Case Study: Migrating Cognos from Series 7 to Version 10 with SDK

Migrating Cognos Wildebeest Concept

Migrating Cognos is a highly involved process, especially when you’re moving across multiple versions. When one of our clients needed this kind of migration completed, our experts turned to Cognos SDK to streamline the process and adjust the system to meet the client’s needs exactly.

Business Need

The client for this project had been a long-time Cognos user since Series 7, with heavy investment in PowerPlay cubes. They had two custom user-facing Cognos applications in place as well that allowed users to review benefits-related data. The two custom applications’ infrastructures were running on older versions of Cognos in a Microsoft Windows 2000 OS. The key business driver for this project was that the client had a mandate to migrate all Windows-based applications to the Windows 2008 platform. They needed Ironside to come in and help upgrade the custom applications from their current Cognos 7 environment to Cognos 10 along with all their supporting platform elements, as well as executing a database upgrade.

Engagement Summary and Objectives

Ironside’s priorities in this engagement were as follows:

  • Migrate the two old Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay applications and integrate them into an existing enterprise Cognos 10 platform that the client had in place.
  • Replace the client’s old hardcoded URL security structure with a Java security authentication provider customized for Cognos.
  • Replace the client’s old custom CFX generator with up-to-date Cognos 10 SDK processes to automatically create, publish, and manage thousands of cubes , packages, and PowerPlay reports.
  • Secure BI content dynamically for both internal and external user communities and successfully integrate this custom security with the client’s enterprise Webseal.

Ironside’s Role

Ironside was responsible for:

  • Application and system architecture planning
  • Designing, building, delivering, and deploying the agreed-upon architecture solution.

Value Delivered

Ironside was able to deliver the following benefits to the client during this engagement while migrating Cognos:

  • Ironside consultants successfully migrated their decade-old Series 7 custom application to Cognos 10, impacting 4000+ users
  • Without original source code and any documentation, the Ironside team successfully redesigned and redeveloped the custom application with Cognos 10 SDK, preserving its existing functionality and adding in valuable new features.
  • Ironside resources worked hand-in- hand with the client’s developers, conducting a deep knowledge transfer to the client’s technical team so that they were able to self-support after the new system went-live.
  • Ironside consultants discovered various Cognos system issues and recommended better practices that would further optimize the environment, going above and beyond the original project goals.


Does your business have a similar need to the one outlined above?  Are you looking for help with migrating Cognos in your infrastructure?  Contact us at GetInsights@Ironsidegroup.com to explore training and consulting services to support your business needs.