IBM Cognos Query Studio Training – Sept. 23, 2010

Unburden your IT department by giving end users the ability to easily create and share their own Web-based Ad Hoc reports! Query Studio the easy-to-use tool that is designed for non-technical and business users who want self-service reporting without having to understand relational database schemas and concepts. This type of reporting is essential in allowing consumers to define and write secure reports that target a specific need, while still having the ability to share them with the entire organization.

Based on a proven training curriculum, the Ironside Group will provide instructor-led classes that highlight the report development techniques associated with IBM Cognos Query Studio.

Course: IBM Cognos 8 Query Studio (View Description)
When: September 23, 2010
Where: IBM Innovation Center (Newport Room), Waltham, MA (Boston)

Course Outline

This one-day instructor-led course is best fitted for the following audiences:

  • Report consumers wanting to learn how to construct, change and organize ad hoc reports
  • Business authors

During this seminar, students will be introduced to the main Cognos portal, Cognos Connection, in which they will learn to navigate and operate its functions.

This will be followed by an in-depth analysis of Query Studio which will cover all reporting and chart capabilities, as well as the use of templates.

Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, question and answer sessions and tips and techniques drawn from over 12 plus years of cross industry experience.


The curriculum is based on the most recent version of IBM Cognos 8 Query Studio, and uses the sample data sources included in the IBM Cognos BI 8 Samples package.

All our instructors are IBM Cognos certified report authors. In addition, they provide the benefit of having up to 12 years of real-world experience.

Our manuals are aimed at self-study.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and the Office suite is mandatory.

  • High-level Curriculum
  • Introduction to the Cognos portal
  • Overview of the Query Studio Environment
  • Create Reports and Format Reports
  • Focus Queries with Prompts and Filters
  • Sort, Group and Summarize your Data
  • Enhance the Data Model with Custom Calculations
  • Create charts and crosstab reports (pivot tables)

Transportation, Lodging and Dining

For additional information regarding transportation to and from the IBM Waltham Innovation Center as well as nearby dining and lodging accommodations, please review the IBM Waltham Innovation Center Welcome Packet.