IBM Moves Away from an Internal Training Model

running on beach move away from internal training concept

Effective July 1, 2013, IBM training has been discontinued. IBM has moved to a partner-led model which shifts the responsibility of IBM’s internal training practice to qualified specialists and partners like Ironside. Clients will now be able to select training from industry experienced partners who can tailor courses and schedules to their needs. Training is obviously a critical piece of utilizing technology and is perhaps why this transition was made. While IBM continues to focus on creating best-of-breed technology, partners and third parties can focus on providing the highest quality training to customers.

“The value of technology is realized through its implementation, and that implementation requires people that are effectively trained and have the skills necessary to make the best possible use of IT products”

-Steve Mills, IBM

What Our Customers Can Expect

Ironside proudly offers the entire scope of courses that IBM internal training used to cover. In addition to this we also offer our own selection of Ironside-authored courses. Ironside accepts all IBM education packs previously purchased by customers.

Ironside strives to provide customers with a path to success, whether that means finding the correct software solution, implementing that solution, or training employees. Our trainers are not only experts in facilitating training sessions but also provide additional value through the many years of industry and real-world experience under their belts.

If you have any questions regarding the roll out of the new IBM training model, please feel free to reach out to our Education Services department. You can also check out our Education Services team page for more on the different training options we offer.